'Orphan Black' Star Dylan Bruce: Beth as a Girlfriend On-Screen, to Whom He's Dating Off-Screen?

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'Orphan Black' Star Dylan Bruce: Beth as a Girlfriend On-Screen, to Whom He's Dating Off-Screen?

Confusions may arise when an on-screen couple becomes too intimate. They will eventually be perceived as the real life couple, but that will not be true in most of the cases. Here we try to put the limelight upon Dylan Bruce, the “Orphan Black”, who stars alongside Beth.

Onscreen couple:

Paul (portrayed by actor Dylan Bruce) and Beth of “Orphan Black” (Portrayed by actress Tatiana_Maslany) have indeed shown great intimacy on screen. They have been in intimate scenes and are a couple on screen. Beth loved her boyfriend Paul on-screen and also took great care and had emotional concern for him as well. Paul was beth’s monitor but at one point Beth began dating with him and later moved in with him. 

Caption: Beth and Paul (Dylan Bruce) 

Who is his off-screen Girlfriend and Dating or Is he a Gay?

Well! Though we mentioned that Dylan and Beth had lots of romance in “Orphan Black,” they aren't dating in real life. They are simply on-screen couple and nothing more.

However, we tried to find out whether Dylan Bruce has an off-screen girlfriend or not. But a source says he is apparently single and has no off-screen girlfriend as well.  Even though there has been no rigid explanation, most probably, he should be single.

He was recently seen kissing a girl on camera, but she may be his co-actress and not mandatorily his girlfriend. Check out this from his Instagram:


#nationaliloveyouday ??

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Dylan's Short Bio:

Dylan Bruce was born on April 21, 1980, in Vancouver, Canada and raised in the BoundaBay, United States. He has a degree in Drama and Economics from the University of Washington. He has been active in the acting career since 2005. His recent acting credentials include  “First Round Down” (2016, main role).