'Wolfblood' Actress Siwan Morris's resemblance with Katy Perry: Not Married?, Boyfriend Unknown?

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'Wolfblood' Actress Siwan Morris's resemblance with Katy Perry: Not Married?, Boyfriend Unknown?

Many people resemble with each other throughout the world; some share the similar face, some share the similar character and so on. Here we have an individual who is a look alike of a famous singer.

Caption: Siwan Morris (Left), Katy Perry (Right)

Perhaps you might have guessed who we are talking about. She is definitely Ceri, the ‘Wolfblood’ actress Siwan Morris, who looks like another celebrity, Kety Perry.

She is beautiful and also, looks very similar to the teen sensation Katy Perry. 

We are sure you did think that she resembles Katy Perry very much, and in some cases; people cannot even distinguish between their pictures when kept side by side. Most of the times, it is just plainly tough to point out who is Siwan and who is Katy Perry.

However, Siwan Morris is not the only one who looks just like Katy Perry. There are other celebs (6 doppelgangers including Katy) such as Mia Kirshner and Zooey Deschanel who also look just like Katy Perry. 

Is Siwan Morris Married? Husband or Boyfriend?

Well, we know that Siwan Morris is still an unmarried woman and most of the guys around are pretty happy to know that. The question is, does she have a boyfriend? Well, we looked up everywhere, but ALAS!, we couldn’t find anything that would remotely indicate that she has a boyfriend or is dating anyone.

We wonder if she has a boyfriend. She has done some serious ‘keeping low profile’ job on that. Or is she truly single despite being a very attractive and beautiful woman and resembling Katy Perry strongly?

Well, her similarity with Katy Perry is one thing but not being able to find herself a boyfriend is another. We would be longing for your suggestions on this. Buzz us up in the comment section below if you have any idea about the person with whom Siwan Morris is in love.

Morris's Short Bio:

English/Welsh actress and singer Siwan Morris was born on February 7, 1976, in Glynneath, Wales, UK. Siwan is a graduate of Manchester Metropolitan University. Morris is also fluent in speaking both Welsh and English. She also falls in the category of Welsh actress.

Siwan strengthened her career in various projects of the Royal Shakespeare Company in London and later portrayed the role of Angie in the first series and briefly in 2nd series of the youth-centered drama series called ‘Skins,' presented by E4.

She also portrayed the role of Ceri on CBBC’s supernatural television series, ‘Wolfblood’ from 2012-2014. Still, Siwan is widely known for her role on Wolfblood as Ceri. Recently, Siwan can be seen in one of the lead roles as Laurie Wolf in a horror movie titled ‘Dark Signal.'