Has Zak Bagans Married His Fiance? Also Talks About Thoughts On Demons And Haunted House

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Has Zak Bagans Married His Fiance? Also Talks About Thoughts On Demons And Haunted House

When a person is engaged, then people feel that they are heading towards marriage. However, engagement does not always mean marriage is approaching, right?

Ghost Adventures' Zak Bagan is an engaged man, but does he hear wedding bell ringing? Let’s find out along with the ghost adventures he had encountered in his life.

Is Zak Bagans Married?

Zak Bargans is famous for his ghost haunting, but least people know about his romantic life. Similarly, the news about his love life has not circulated in the media and mystery hovers his personal life.

But on one rare occasion, Zak Bagan shared that he is committed to his fiancée Ashley, and he announced the happy news of his engagement through Twitter on April 1, 2014.

When a person is engaged,  they are conjectured to be hearing wedding bells, and it seems that the engaged man will soon be a married man. Zak also shared his desire to exchange wedding vows soon via Twitter on April 1, 2014. The tweet was deleted soon, but his followers shared the screen shot where he has shared the desire of marriage.

Caption: Zak Bagans' followers shared the screen shot where he tweeted his desire for marriage.

Photo Credit: Michaela Bathe

But before you picture Zak and Ashley dressed as a bride and groom, we would like to share that this was posted on April 1 on the Fools Day.

Was this just an April Fools' Day joke, or he shared his secret wish, hiding behind the liberty that the Fool's Day offers?

The answers to this question lie within Zak, and he has left people in confusion because the news of Zak and Ashley has not circulated in the media yet. 

So, we can safely say Zak is yet to get married and share a husband-wife relationship with Ashley!

 Is Zak Bagans A Gay?

When a celebrity does not have a girlfriend to flaunt and romantic union making headlines, then he is often hypothesized to be a gay. And a youtube channel TheWorldsMostRandom is one step ahead, as the channel has done a video and published on February 7, 2017, where Zak and Aaron Goodwin have admitted that they are gay. But the video was made solely made for the entertainment purpose.

Caption: Zak Bagans and Aaron Goodwin admit they are gay.

Zak Bagans' Imprudent Passion!

"Ghost Adventure" fame Zak bought a demon house for $35, 000 in Indiana which is rumored to be the site possessed by demonic powers.

In 2012, a mother who lived there reported that her 12 years old daughter and ten years old son had been possessed and even the child protective services support her claim. The scariest incident associated with the house is that her daughter levitated above the bed and the son walked on the ceiling.

And as reported in January 2014, Zak shared his wish to live in the house and document the experience.

"If it's true this home is a portal to hell, then I want to go there and see what happens."

In an interview with TMZ, Zak shared his experience of the haunted house. He even claimed that it is the well-documented exorcism and also shared that he has witnessed paranormal activity in the house.

Caption: Zak Bargans shares the experience inside the Indiana House in an interview with TMZ.

After an encounter with the dark energy in the house, the house was demolished with a bulldozer as per reports on TMZ on February 21, 2016. The reports in TMZ quoted,

"Zak says the demons were the real deal, and felt strongly it should never be inhabited again. He believes dark energy permeated the rubble ... so he had it locked away in a storage facility."

Caption: The haunted house in Indiana which was eventually demolished with a bulldozer. 

Photo Credit: tmz.com

The ghost and demonic investigation is a thrilling experience, and at times things are not under your control. And Zak with his team has done the "Ghost Adventures" for a decade, and he poured down his thought through a Facebook post on October 31, 2016, and with pride, he stated the less known fact.

We are unlike anything you have ever seen before, I dont say that with ego, I say that because we are the ones who know what we go through, the medical sicknesses/ ailments, the families that are effected from this, the broken marriages, the oppression, the depression, the possession....this isnt just for your entertainment, this is for real. We know the risks, we accept them, we do this cause we are drawn to these powers and sometimes the actual evidence is what happens to US.

The tattoos is a way of expressing too. During an interview at the Ohio State Reformatory, Zak was asked to show his tattoo on his back. And Zak flaunted his angle tattoo on his back, on the request, as you see in the video clip below.

Caption: Zak flaunts his angle tattoo on his back on the request of the audience. (Published on October 16, 2010)

Zak Bagans runs after his passion, and he has documented his experiences with paranormal activities. As one does not believe in the existence of true love until one experience it, similarly, one does not believe in the presence of spirits until you encounter with one.