Andrew Youmans Wiki: From Age to Engaged Rumors with Michelle Williams

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Andrew Youmans Wiki: From Age to Engaged Rumors with Michelle Williams

If it's a success story we crave, why not talk about Andrew Youmans, who knows success like the back of his hand. NY Financial Consultant, Andrew Youmans is such an influential figure that his business success story can be an excellent biography for future business students.

Although Andrew's talents are known to everyone, he keeps playing hide-and-seek when approached with hopes to get hold of some information on his love life. 

However, Youmans is making another big headline these days after his girlfriend Michelle Williams turned into another hotcake with her diamond ring on the award show "The Golden Globes."

So, why don't you find a comfortable seat to relax, and enjoy Andrew Youmans's full story!

Andrew Youmans Wiki: Growth of Business Empire With Age!

Andrew Youmans is the name heard not only for being linked to the Oscar-nominated actress, Michelle Williams, but also as an established entrepreneur who has already carved a huge mark in the business world.

Like every big journey starts with a small step, Andrew's business smarts grew when he jumped from real estate business to family business, 'Connecticut Spring.' Working on the family manufacturing company was never easy, as Youmans had to go through ranks upon ranks to reach the position of Vice President of Operations in the company.

That was all before he decided to be the graduate of Harvard Business School and when he graduated in 1992, he worked on the research that focuses on the Toyota Production System (TPS). His highly credited research even got published from Harvard Business School.

The works of Youmans on TPS was excellent in the business world, awarding him high fame and fortune. That later sparked him to start an operations management- consulting firm, Yomo Consulting in 1996. As the president, Youmans was thoroughly leading the company until 2011 when he decided to leave.

As for now, he is currently working as an investor and operations management-consultant at 'Handel Group.' His career is such an excellent mark not only as an entrepreneur but also as a professor.

Youmans, who also served as the professor at Stanford Graduate School of Business (2015-2016), even constructed the second year course of the university.

Andrew Youmans' Love: Reached to Engagement or Not?

The New York financial consultant, Andrew Youmans' life is much more interesting when the focus turns to his dating life.

Youmans, who is currently 50 years in age, is living a romance story with the Oscar-nominated actress, Michelle Williams, which was speculated highly after the couple got spotted on the streets of Rome back in July 2017.

Caption - Andrew Youmans with Michelle Williams in Italy in July 2017.

Photo Credit - Daily mail

The couple is seriously dating each other for some time, for which a source explains E! News,

"Michelle and has been with Andy for longer than people think. They are very serious and were right away. She has kept the relationship under wraps and made a point not to bring him to public events."

Well, it looks like the romance is on a whole new level as of now, as Williams made a fierce appearance with her dazzling heart-shaped diamond ring on The Golden Globes back on Sunday.

Caption - Michelle Williams showing off her diamond ring at the Golden Globes

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For the fans and media who were speculating the couple’s dating life, it was not more than a glance to reach the conclusion that the ring was of engagement. However, when asked to Andrew’s girl, Williams about the ring, she told PEOPLE it was simply “beautiful jewelry.”

An insider further opened on the matter as,

"It is very important to Michelle to keep her private life private and out of the press. She has been wearing a heart-shaped diamond ring for awhile but doesn't want to confirm or deny whether they are engaged. All she will say is that they are very happy together."

Well, an eyewitness even proclaimed,

“It definitely looked like an engagement ring."

Youmans had the perfect connection not only with Williams but also with the daughter of Williams, Matilda, 12 with her late partner, Heath Ledger. Youmans entry is forming into a trio bond between Williams, Youmans and her daughter, which a source explains well,

"He took her in the water by himself and they had a lot of fun jumping over the waves together trying not to get too wet. They would high five and laugh a lot. All three of them spent a lot of time reading on the beach. The trio also took walks daily and got coffee as a little unit.” 

Youmans's love is already too beautiful to be true, and now the diamond ring has beautified the romance story on a new level, and by the looks of it, both Youmans and Williams will shortly be giving the good news that everyone is dying to hear!