Angelo Pagan Wiki: Addressing Rumors That His Son Died, Net Worth And Other Jaw-Dropping Facts You Must Know

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Angelo Pagan Wiki: Addressing Rumors That His Son Died, Net Worth And Other Jaw-Dropping Facts You Must Know

Many celebs don’t prefer to be in controversies and hit the headlines with the additional news about them. But Angelo Pagan is one of them who get into headlines, all thanks to his controversial actress wife, Leah Remini.

The two being on the news is not a new thing to us, as there has been a handful of troublesome stories of them. Sometimes it’s Leah leaving Scientology, and sometimes the jaw-dropping comments on her husband.

With all the spice that Angelo Pagan’s wife adds in his life, what would it be like to be with the controversy queen? Let’s have a look at the life of Angelo Pagan in our story, which also includes some addressing rumor of his son being dead.

Life With The Squabble Personality Wife!

The Puerto-Rican American actor, Angelo Pagan, cannot be more interesting without his wife, Leah Remini. The couple shares a very unusual chemistry, where the wife keeps on getting into controversies while the husband doesn’t utter much yet stays beside his other half.

Talking about the initiation of the relationship of the reality stars, the two first met at Cuban Club and restaurant El Floridita and later took their relationship to the aisle eight years later.

The wedding took place in July 2003, which was also filmed for the VH1 special.

Caption: Angelo and Leah made their relationship of eight years to the aisle which was also featured on VH1 special. (Published on Jan 25, 2011)

The two exchanged the wedding vows with all laughter and tears, and Leah expressed her love for Angelo as,

“Angelo I absolutely love you. I loved you from the moment I saw you. From you, it took a little longer. I love your voice, I love your smile, your dimples. I’m jealous of your beautiful skin. And how it easy it is for you to lose weight.”

After the heartfelt words from wife, Angelo Pagan expressed his sentiments through a statement that said,

“It’s taken us almost eight years to get here. And now I’m finally certain that you’re not marrying me for my money. Leah, I am with you today as the person that you helped me become. I am humbled by your honesty and touched by your generosity, and I’m awed by your integrity.”

From the very big day of the couple’s life, they went on to welcome cameras in their life time and again, as the birth of the pair’s first child, Sofia Bella Pagan (born on June 16, 2004) was also featured on VH1.

Caption: The birth of the first daughter of Angelo Pagan and Leah Remini was featured on VH1. (Published on Jan 25, 2011)

We have seen the couple going through many ups and downs in their relationship, as “Kings of Queens" actress, while releasing the memoir “Troublemaker: Surviving Hollywood and Scientology,” mentioned her husband as a “serial cheater.”

For that, the actress didn’t bother to go into details and share, which indicates that it could just be the rumored relationship of Angelo Pagan while the pair first met.

However, Angelo Pagan has always been seen supporting his love of his life. He also shared a tweeted,

As of now, the two are parenting their young daughter Sofia. The lifestyle of the Pagan’s family was also on TV as “Leah Remini: It’s All Relative," and from the reality series, we can figure out that the family never gets bored with all the laughter and fun they share together.

Know More About Angelo Pagan : 

Born on May 16, 1968, Angelo Pagan is Puerto-Rican American producer and actor, but more than that, he is very popularly known as the husband of the controversial actress, Leah Remini. Angelo shares a daughter with his now wife.

The actor hasn’t been that vocal about his first wife, but he has three sons from his previous relationship. Moreover, rumors previously hit that one of his sons was dead, but no facts have come forward to enlighten the story, hinting the rumor to be just a hoax.

Angelo Pagan is somehow active in social site and often shares pictures with his family.  


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Moving onto his professional life, Angelo Pagan is known for his work in “Swordfish,” “Almost a Woman” and also for a guest appearance in the “King of Queens.”

Other than acting, he is also into music. He was a band member of Salsa Caliente. The group used to perform at the club circuit.

His love for music also tempted him to open music company, and in that regard, he did it by opening the CC Music factory. He also released an album “No Tengas Miedo” in 2001.

Angelo and his wife, Leah went started filming the TLC series, “Leah Remini: It's All Relative” in 2004.

Caption: Angelo Pagan and Leah Remini began filming their TLC series “Leah Remini: It's All Relative.” (Published on June 18, 2014)

In 1999, Angelo Pagan took over one of the famous diner “Vivian’s Millennium Café.” The well-known eatery is located in Studio City, California.

From his long list of careers, the artist has been able to amass the net worth of $5 million to his name.

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