What Is Antje Traue's Relationship Status? Married Or Busy Reading Scripts?

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What Is Antje Traue's Relationship Status? Married Or Busy Reading Scripts?

German Actress Antje Traue always had a dream about establishing herself in Hollywood, but being practical, she promised herself to give up acting and get married to a husband if she could not fulfill her goal by the age of 30.

Fortunately, the actress landed roles in Pandorum and Man Of Steel and was successful in establishing herself as a notable actress in the Hollywood industry.

And it seemed that she was busy in building her budding career, which might have hampered her love life in the past; despite a huge amount of media coverage about the European beauty, details about her love interest were obscure. However, it seems like she has failed to achieve her goals and might have settled down with her long-term boyfriend. 

So was her devotion towards an acting career hampering her dating life? Let's dig into her life and find out!

Was Too Busy For Dating; Boyfriend Or Not?

Antje Traue rose to fame after fighting against Superman in the 2013 flick, Man of Steel. Cast as the villain Faora-Ul in the movie, she had to undergo a four-month grueling training regime for her role.

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Furthermore, Faora, being a robot, had to spend her time in isolation with very little interaction with humans so that human emotions would be subdued.

Antje Traue's character Faora-Ul in the 2013 movie, Man of Steel (Photo:herocomplex.latimes.com)

That training period seems to have been the making of Antje as she is now one of the most popular faces in her homeland and flooded with numerous film offers.

This created a void in her personal life, and details about her own life and relationship were a premium. However, there had been rumors about Antje dating a mysterious boyfriend, and even being engaged as reported by various online portals. But, there has been no actual confirmation of the relationship or the boyfriend from her representatives.

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This led to the widespread belief that the actress was not dating anyone, and had no plans to get married and settle down with a husband. But who could blame Antje as her career had just started to fly after the initial struggle! Although now it seems like she has made up her mind as she reportedly married her longtime boyfriend.

Married Life Erased Overnight; Conspired To Get Husband Out Of Picture?

On 17 September, Berlin Daily News reported that Antje has finally tied the knot with her boyfriend, although the article contained no information relating to her husband's identity.

The report even mentioned that the couple earlier intended on getting engaged but later changed their decision and got married straightaway. According to the newspaper, the couple got married at a secret location and Antje was later spotted flaunting her wedding ring in public.

However, it later turned out that the paper which had earlier reported on Antje's wedding was actually a phony newspaper and no paper by the name Berlin Daily News was registered or even existed. 

In the meanwhile, Antje could be single without any boyfriend or she could have conspired to erase the existence of the newspaper overnight to hide her husband from the outer world.

Gymnast Turned Actress With The Support Of Family

Antje was born to a supportive family and a musician mother who encouraged her to take up gymnastics and music. However, one heavy fall made her leave gymnastics and having small fingers killed her music dreams. As a result, she chose acting, attended an acting school and struggled to get roles in the industry.

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As a teenager, Antje had promised herself that she would give up on her acting career and find a regular job and would settle down if she could not establish herself in the showbiz by the age of 30.

Antje Traue attending German Film Festival in 2017 (Photo: Antje Traue's Instagram) 

And in 2009, she landed a prominent role in sci-fi movie Pandorum. The movie bombed in the box office, and her career never really got the break that she thought Pandorum would give her.

However, she could see her Hollywood dreams crashing after the flopping of Pandorum and thought entirely of giving up on the silver screen.

Likewise, in 2013, one year prior to her's self-stated deadline came acclaimed director Zack Snyder’s call and along with that, the role of Faora UI. It established her as a household name in Hollywood and opened numerous doors to her, including the acclaimed 2015 movie The Seventh Son.

After Man of Steel and The Seventh Son, she returned to Germany and became one of the most demanded actresses. The actress’  spends time reading scripts, and this might have culminated in the absence of a partner in real life. 

But keep visiting to stay updated on the latest happenings in Antje Traue's love life, as we'll continually update you on the matter!