BBC Radio 1's Clara Amfo, on Father's Death: Siblings' Love that Kept Them Together

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BBC Radio 1's Clara Amfo, on Father's Death: Siblings' Love that Kept Them Together

Don’t you feel so happy sometimes that you think nothing can bring you down? Like when you get your dream job? BBC Radio 1’s Clara Amfo also had the same feeling for a time being until the news of her Father passing away shattered her happiness and jubilance to shreds. How close was she to her father?

Her Father's Death:

Clara Amfo has had a roller coaster of a year when it comes to 2015. This was the year she landed a dream job at Radio 1 as the host of ‘The Official Chart’. Shortly after that, she was assigned as the new host of ‘Live Lounge’ in 25th May. But it seems as if happiness could not be along her side for long, as months later in March 2015, she was shaken by a call from her sister that her father had passed away.

She was in Paris that time preparing to run a half-marathon and the very next moment; she found herself back home balancing between an emotional turmoil and her career’s biggest moment. She did panic, thinking “what the heck have I got myself into?” but then she collected herself for her Father and to not let her sponsors down.

'I would give it all up to hug my dad again'  -Clara Amfo

'Running with the Grief':

A year after her father’s death, she is also in the Radio 1’s Stories documentary, ‘Running with the Grief’, where she has shared her experience of her life without her father. She also explores the similar losses of other people in the documentary. Many of the show’s viewers had a positive response to the show.

In her hourly show, she talked about how her first year of life without her father was including his funeral that took place in Ghana. Am returned to the half-mile marathon in Paris that she missed the year before.

“I’ve been ugly-crying for the past 3K of this race. I feel like my dad would be happy for me.”

Personal Life (Married, Husband, or Boyfriend)?

There is not much displayed about her own life. She may neither be married nor has a husband based on this twitter post.

There are no updates about her boyfriend or any other partner as well. But she has said that she grew up with many siblings, 4 of which were boys. But she did go on a couple of TV dates with Chris Stark.

Caption: Clara Amfo & Chris Stark on a Date Playing Donkey Kong & Forza 5 | Two Players

Source: Channel 4

Clara Amfo was born on May 28, 1984, in Kingston upon the Thames, Great London, UK. Her father was a microbiologist who had emigrated from Ghana. She attended St Mary’s University College for studying media arts with professional and creative writing. Her salary and net worth are unknown.

Recently, she came to the limelight on February 10, 2016, when she received praises from the listeners of Radio 1 when she politely apologized for the unprofessional actions of the DJ guests on her show. She will also be judging the ‘Mercury Prize’ with singer Jessie Ware