Bindi Irwin Engaged In Bliss! Perfect Boyfriend That Dad Would Surely Approve

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Bindi Irwin Engaged In Bliss! Perfect Boyfriend That Dad Would Surely Approve

Daughter to one of the most renowned wildlife conservationist Steve Irwin, Bindi Irwin has successfully managed to come out of her father’s shadows!

After the passing away of Steve following an unfortunate incident, Bindi has spent much of her adult life without the guidance of her father. Creating the resume of actress, television personality and conservationist, Bindi has made a name for herself. 

Top of all, the multitalented personality has found somebody to fill in the void, left behind by her father’s tragic death - her loving boyfriend. 

Though Steve never got a chance to meet her love interest, Bindi remains certain that her father would have adored her boyfriend.

Boyfriend That Dad Would Have Surely Approved; "Lucky" To Have Boyfriend On Her Side

The daughter of ‘The Crocodile Hunter’ Steve, Bindi, with public attention at an early age, has continued to stay in focus after an extremely romantic relationship with boyfriend, Chandler Powell.

Bindi Irwin poses alongside her boyfriend Chandler Powell. (Photo: Bindi Irwin's Instagram)

The two instantly connected after their first meeting in 2013 when Chandler and his family were taken to a tour of the Australia Zoo by Bindi. Going out ever since Bindi is certain that her dad would have approved her wakeboarder boyfriend Chandler as he has fitted in well into the family tradition of wildlife conservation.

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Talking to Australian Women’s Weekly in November 2017, the actress revealed how her dad would have loved Chandler,

“I'm lucky I have found the one, the person I want to spend all of my time with. Mum and Robert and I have talked about that a lot. We think dad would have loved Chandler.”

The duo, soon approaching five years of their romantic haul, has been rumored to be engaged to each other on several occasions. Fuel was further added to the fire after Bindi hinted on the engagement to soon approach after a speculative caption in her Instagram post where she is holding a python on 4 October 2018,

“'Diamonds are a girl's best friend’. Says the girl with a diamond python!”

However, in a recent interview with People in October 2018, she cleared her relationship status mentioning that she is not engaged nor married, and is happily in love with her boyfriend not thinking too far down the road.

“It’s interesting, as human beings we’re always so rushed with things, so you know, ‘When are you going to start dating?’ ‘When are you going to get married?’ ‘When are you going to have kids?’ When are you going to have another kid?’ Every single step. And so I think we all need to just revel in the now.”

She, however, confirmed that she will not be hiding her big news from the media and added,

“I’m 20, I’m loving every minute of my life and I really love this guy, so I just want to take my time to enjoy the now. I promise you I will call you the second we get engaged. … It’s really exciting.”

With all signs pointing a big announcement to be right around the corner, Bindi’s fans all over the world couldn't be more excited.

Bio Reveals Age, Career Highlights and Family Details

Born on 24 July 1988, Bindi at the age of 20 has reached significant career height. In a relatively young career, she has already been part of numerous TV shows including her soon to be premiered reality series, Crikey! It’s the Irwins. She has also been part of a few films and has expanded her talents to singing as well.

However, she caught everyone’s eye after winning the American edition of Dancing With The Stars in 2015. An amateur dancer, Bindi appeared on 2DayFM's Rove And Sam breakfast show on December 2015 and revealed her dancing struggles with swollen feet.

“It looked like I had a flesh-eating disease on my feet.  my toenails were coming off, my feet were all cut up.”

An established star, standing in at the height of 5’2”, Bindi calls Queensland, Australia her home where she stays alongside her mother Terri Irwin and little brother Robert Irwin.

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The family shares a strong bond together as is seen on their social media posts. On the occasion of National Siblings Day, Bindi took to Instagram to post a sweet message to brother Robert on 11 April 2018,

“Just a little note to thank you for being such an awesome brother. It has been wonderful to watch you achieve such extraordinary things in life. I'm so proud of the amazing person you are and I'm truly blessed to be your sister. @robertirwinphotography #NationalSiblingDay.”

With their father long gone, the presenter of Bindi the Jungle Girl and her brother Robert stand as a pillar of hope to their mother Terri, who claims to have stayed single ever since her husband’s death.

Bindi Irwin alongside his brother Robert, mother Terri and father Steve before the tragic passing away of Steve. (Photo: Bindi Irwin's Instagram)

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And with her daughter now all set in her path to stardom, it seems Terri can now just sit back and enjoy Bindi’s journey to greatness.