The Bachelor's Caroline Lunny With No Regrets; Her Dating Status At 27

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The Bachelor's Caroline Lunny With No Regrets; Her Dating Status At 27

If you opt to watch 'dating and relationship' reality television series for entertainment, then you probably must have stumbled upon the American dating show 'The Bachelor' on ABC.

And talking about the program, you probably must have seen the 'Miss Massachusetts' Caroline Lunny participate in the program. However, she went back home in just four weeks but with no regret!

So today, we will shed some light on Lunny's experience on the 'The Bachelor' and her dating status at 27 as well.

Caroline Lunny, With No Regret:

By the end of the first episode of this season’s 'The Bachelor,' the contestants who were after, the bachelor and former race car driver, Arie Luyendyk Jr's heart whittled down from 29 to 21 hopefuls. 

And amidst them was one of the 'The Bachelor' contestant, Lunny, who made the first impression with Arie, although, a bit ironically, she missed out on earning the first impression rose.

Caroline Lunny, Arie Luyendyk Jr in 'The Bachelor' (Photo:

Some spectators thought Lunny should have been the front-runner this season, but unfortunately, Lunny didn’t receive a rose from the bachelor Arie.

Lunny, who had a budding friendship with one of the contestants, Tia Booth (who did receive a rose) said that Lunny didn’t have regrets about being sent home in the week four.

Lunny also shared on Twitter that Arie had a stronger connection with one of her friends and she felt awkward making out with her friend’s husband. So she subconsciously stepped back.

On the show, Lunny had some nice but few moments with Arie including sharing a pizza with him in the season opener. Lunny also took part in the demolition derby, trained a dog for a show and hiked on a group date in the woods.

All in all, fans of the favorite romantic reality show seemed to think that Lunny, 26, was too level-headed and genuine for the bachelor. However, she went back home in week four but with no regrets!

Caroline Lunny's Dating Status At 27

According to Lunny's Twitter post, she had a boyfriend back in January 2012, where Lunny said that her boyfriend gets the car while she waits at the door so that she doesn't need to walk in the cold.

However, Lunny did not reveal her boyfriend's name in the post. which is why her boyfriend remained mysterious. It seems like she didn't want to make her boyfriend publicly known back then.

After a year in 2013, Lunny again took to her Twitter, where she was seen praising her boyfriend, Mike Doherty for beating level 125 on candy crush after three months.

Likewise, in June 2014, Lunny shared a post where she said that her boyfriend's mother makes the best chocolate chip cookies ever. However, in the post, she didn't mention her boyfriend's name, so it remains unclear if it was mike or someone else. 

Moreover, Lunny was again seen posting pictures on her Instagram back in December 2015 with yet another guy, a Canadian hockey player, Reilly Smith, which led to raising speculation that she probably was dating the hockey player. 


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Her few Instagram posts of 2016 with Reilly makes it evident that Lunny had a fling with him in the past; however, both of them haven't spoken anything about their dating affair in the media or in any of their interviews.

Moreover, as of now, Lunny has not been spotted with anyone who could be tagged as her possible beau, so it seems that Lunny is probably single at the age of 27.