Casey Cott Keeping Dating Affair With Girlfriend Lowkey? Or Is it The Opposite?

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Casey Cott Keeping Dating Affair With Girlfriend Lowkey? Or Is it The Opposite?

You might have noticed a gay character Kevin Keller in an American teen drama television series, Riverdale. Have you ever wondered about the personal life of the twenty-four-years-old Casey Cott, who portrays the character of Kevin?  

We are sure that you are curious about his relationship status, and the lady who has managed to steal his heart.

What if we say Casey is single and is looking for a perfect lady love?

No doubt there will be a queue of his female fans who will not be afraid at all to ask him out. Sorry for interrupting, but this handsome hunk has been in a romantic relationship and his Instagram followers know it well. Well, let's dig in for the full details.

Casey Cott Is Not Single Anymore! 

Are you surprised to know that Casey is in love right now and is spending his time with his lady love? Thanks to Casey Cott’s social media accounts, because of which we can peek his love life that has been kept in the shadows.

If you are interested in the personal life of a celebrity, then you must not forget to go through their social media accounts. When most of you believed that Casey is single as he is busy inclining his career, we have found out that he has a girlfriend.

If you follow him on Instagram, you might have seen many pictures of him with the gorgeous actress, singer, and dancer, Stephanie Styles, but you might not have got the hint about their relationship.

It seems that Casey and Stephanie have been dating each other for more than a year.

Earlier this year in May, Casey shared a picture with Stephanie on Instagram, where he revealed that they had been together for a year. He wrote-

“365 days of laughing extremely hard, smiling nonstop and Pokémon Go(ing) to the MAX. @bystyles is one heck of a human.”


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Likewise, there are many pictures of the duo on their respective Instagram accounts which are an evidence of their affair.

Recently, on August 1, 2017, Casey shared a very adorable picture with Stephanie.


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Don’t you think that they look cute together? Well, Stephanie has also been sharing pictures with Casey.


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Here is a short clip shared by Stephanie on August 2, 2017, which might captivate your heart with a blink of an eye.


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Born on August 8, 1992, in Michigan, Casey has been very private regarding his personal life. Though he has been flaunting his love life via social networking sites, he hasn’t talked about his parents and family in any of his interviews.

However, we come to know that Casey’s father used to fly A-10 fighter jets in the Air Force. You might not know that Casey, who stands tall at the height of five feet and eleven inches, is the younger brother of Bandstand star Corey Cott. Unlike Casey, Corey is married to Meghan Woollard since January 2013.