CNN's Jim Acosta Father's Day Weekend With Children: No Information About Married Life With Wife

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CNN's Jim Acosta Father's Day Weekend With Children: No Information About Married Life With Wife

The most precious moment for any man would be the time he spends with his kids. In this regard, today we are taking about a happy father who doesn’t miss to spend wonderful time with his children.

The Senior White House Correspondent for CNN, Jim Acosta and his wife, Sharon Mobley Stow are blessed with three lovely kids. Among the three children, two are daughters and one son. But sadly, the proud daddy has not mentioned the name of his sweethearts anywhere.

After browsing through Jim’s Instagram, we were assured that he is very close to the children as; he frequently takes those children to different locations. We found the photos of Jim enjoying on locations including sea beach, stadium and much more. Jim also becomes hilarious sometimes to entertain the children. Recently in the Father’s day, Jim was seen in the look of Mickey Mouse. We have brought the Mickey Mouse avatar of Jim shared on his Instagram for our viewers.


Best Father's Day weekend ever.

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He looks cute in the look, doesn’t he??

Although we are assured that the relation of Jim is ecstatic with the children, we don't know about his current relation with his wife, Sharon Stow. The information about their married life is kept hidden from the media.  We only found Jim talking about his married life in an interview in 2005, which we think is of no avail to predict about current circumstance. He said in the interview,

"There are lots of sacrifices you have to make, but so far I think we've been able to maintain a healthy balance and enjoy it along the way."

 We could not know from any source if the couple is divorced or stay together now. But as per the information we got, they live in the Washington area with their kids. Anyways we hope that Jim’s relation with his wife is similar to his relationship with the children.

Jim's Short Bio:

Born in April 1971, Jim Acosta is a Cuban-American. He is currently the White House correspondent for CNN. Before this, he served as National political correspondent for CNN.

He completed his graduation from James Madison University with Mass communication degree and a minor degree in political science.  He first embraced the career in radio with WMAL in Washington D.C.  He has worked in other media like WTTG TV, WBIR TV, KTVT-TV and WBBM TV. In May 2016, Donald Trump derisively called Jim “Real Beauty” on the nationally televised show.