Comedian Doug Benson: Neither Married Nor Dating Anyone, Still Searching For A Perfect Wife?

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Comedian Doug Benson: Neither Married Nor Dating Anyone, Still Searching For A Perfect Wife?

Despite being successful in professional font massive number of stars, celeb prefers to remain single. Comedian Doug Benson is no less than that celeb who has shown and given a successful career but has preferred to stay in the limelight as a young bachelor star.

It’s amazing to see such star who has given a distinguished contribution to the entertainment field but has remained a not so good date in the romantic font. Is it due to the lack of incompatibility or is there a case of secret dating.

Today we shall get hold of the underlying truthness hidden behind the dating scenario of Comedian Doung and learn more about his marriage plans, sexual orientation, and net worth.

Dating any mysterious lady Or Confidentially tied the Knot?

It’s a blessing for a man who has an active career added with handsome features. But those features get completely wasted if they are not acknowledged and praised by the beautiful women. A similar condition is of Doug Benson who is reported to be single and unmarried.

His singularity has created sensation amongst his female fans as there is a high chance for the star to be secretly married to a woman but to keep the woman away from the scary hawk eyes of media; he might not have revealed anything to any of the media or social sites.

But all of the above it is just an assumption because through his Twitter post on 6th March 2013 he seems to have a desire of getting the experience of speed dating.

It’s 2016; the tweet was posted three years ago. By now Doug might have got involved with plenty of women, but due to constant media bragging, he might not have revealed in any of the social networking sites or nor gave public appearance with his better half.

There may also be the case that Doug is still searching for a perfect compatible partner who would be there for him like a rock in what so ever condition he may be in. A perfect wife who would be loyal enough to stay around with the comedian and who give few lovely children.

So, till Doug himself reveal about his dating story in any of his social networking sites we are just so unable to pinpoint the star and tell him he is dating or married. There may be a massive amount of assumption regarding his relationships, but all those assumptions go vague till Doug firmly give a green go signal about his dating, affairs with any of the female celeb or non-celeb personality.

Not Dating currently, is he Gay? Get through his Dating History

Talking about gay rights, raising voice for it, fighting for it, sharing tweets on Twitter gives a view of the celeb as a lively personality by the fan followers. Similar views got adopted by the fan members of Doug who was seen posting tweets for gay.  On a tweet shared by Doug on 14th December 2014, his supporters posted him as being gay.

Followingly, Doug even shared his thought about gay marriage through his tweets on 6th August 2015, where he denoted a console between his thoughts and about gay marriage.

Well, the actor is not gay and has a vertical sexual orientation for a while rummaging through his dating history. Doug was said to have dated Jess Sylvia, an American actress in the year 2009. Doug has kept his meeting events with Jess Sylvia well tucked; he has neither revealed about his dating events nor the conference events with the lovely lady.

Caption: Doug with beautiful Jess Sylvia at the Warner Brothers Studio, California (2009)


But while going through the tweets of Jess, we came across the actress tweets to Doug that was shared on 4th April 2010 and has added fuel to the suspicion to their relationship.

 While the tweets may also be considered as a friendly tweet but till Jess or Doug both don’t confirm their relationship, the rumor will still exist. They may even be in a relationship but has kept their relationship away from the media and fan followers. No details about their break-up have been given so they may still be in a relationship or there is a likely chance for them to have moved on while Jess is reported to be single.

Well, Doug is of straight sexual preference as he seems to have a dating history with beautiful women Jess. If not, we are praying for a wonderful girlfriend to enter in his life and give a proper meaning about love.

A great comedian with a wealthy personality: Know about his Net Worth

In the year 1986, he entered into the field of entertainment where he got a breakthrough in the movie industry from the film Captain EO. Since then he has never turned back and has been giving an immense amount of contribution to the sector as a singer by releasing his album Smug Life(2012), Gateway Doug(2013) and Promotional Tool(2015) which gave him an opportunity to accumulate the total net worth of $1 million.

At the age of 54, he has tried his hand as a comedian, actor, singer and has gained ample amount of fame. Regular people like us take an early retirement while Doug is still looking forward to working in the entertainment field and earn an additional name as well as fame.