Comedian Jim Norton Talks About Girlfriend Issues And Weight Loss! View Full Report

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Comedian Jim Norton Talks About Girlfriend Issues And Weight Loss! View Full Report

The charismatic power of making people laugh and roll in tears are the common trait that the comedians have in them. They have the strange power to make a tailpiece on every situation. Be it politics,  movie,  song or any election case. This personality just can make people roll in whatever circumstances they stand in.

Today we shall get hold of comedian Jim Norton who has made people roll down in floors through his outstanding comedy. Despite having the ability to cope the environment and situation with rumor, Jim Norton has his girlfriend issues and a weight loss syndrome which although he tries to make it a comedy backlashes him frequently.

So, for now, we shall know the girlfriend issues that Jim Norton has along with his weight loss process accompanied by few personal details of his past relationship.

Is Jim Married? If not, What might be the issues?

At the age of 48, it is high time for people to get married and have a family, but such is not the case of stand-up comedian Norton who is reported to be single and unmarried. On an interview posted by on  April 24, 2015, when asked for a suggestion to Norton about the ongoing marriage issue the fan was facing, Jim disclosed the news of him being unmarried. He said:

“I've never been married for exactly the reason you're describing. You did sign up to get yelled at. So I would suggest just listening and letting her vent. You can also write an anonymous letter and mail it to her. Just make all your points in a letter and send it. But do not get into an argument in person because you're only going to lose. “

Though he has stated the extreme distaste of getting married to a woman, on the other hand, he briefed about his constant involvement with prostitutes and his cravings for intimation with random women through his book "Happy Endings".

He did not only speak about his unhealthy habits but also spoke about how he overcame from the scenario. As posted by on April 27, 2015, he said:

“The problem is me being addictive, not the actual stuff. It’s hard not to text dirty. You gotta detox and then see who you really are and what you really like, because when you’re just grabbing for anything that makes you feel good and anything that takes you out of reality, you have no idea who you are anymore.”

Well, the major issue that we see involved in the marriage case of Jim Norton is his distaste that he sees after getting married.

Every coin has its two sides. On one side you see the fluctuation in a relationship while in the other end you see the happy family and a loving wife who would stick with you through every thick and thin. So, Jim Norton, a second thought is always available if you want to start a family.

Get Hold Of His Dating History

When digging through his dating life, there was not much to be pointed. It is also likely of a chance that the comedian doesn't want to reveal of his ongoing emotions.

Previously in the year 2009, Jim Norton posted a tweet stating about the involvement between him and the American intimate queen Bree Oslan.

However, in the year 2011, they were said to be in the relation. The duo was not even spotted together at any events. Maybe they were in a relationship but to avoid the unwanted scandles; they didn’t confirm their news about dating nor their partition.

Caption: Bree Olson once linked with Norton in the year 2011

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Currently, Jim Norton is reported to be single. However while going through the Twitter account, we identified some interesting picture of Norton with Malin Akerman, the radio jockey where Norton mentioned about enjoying the date with her as shared on her Twitter account on January 8, 2016:

Well, this must have been a prank played by Norton to his fan followers as no other information of them dating got spotted neither they have been caught together in any of the events.

Followingly, the star has been seen supporting the transgender through his stand-up comedy. On an interview posted by on February 2, 2016, he briefly explained about the transgenders taking steps towards suicide.


Well, Jim Norton has a straight sexual preference, even though he has not given details about his dating history. We are sure that there are plenty of women whom he has dated and mingled so far. But to maintain a good public figure may be he never disclosed about his dating and relationship status.

Weight Loss Transformation:

Yes, Jimmy Norton took the initiation of weight loss to maintain a healthy and fit body. Even though he has not disclosed his secret ways of shredding weight, he is in a perfect shape still making women crave for him. He had even posted about his diet in his Twitter account on April 22, 2015.

There is a saying “health is wealth” so taking the proverb in consideration Jim might have taken initiation to maintain a fit and healthy body.

Caption: Jimmy Norton before (L) and after (R) weight loss


Jimmy Norton: Net Worth 

Jimmy is said to have a current net worth of $6 million which he accumulated from working as a radio show host and movies like The Knick (2015), Trainwreck (2015), Special Correspondents (2016) and Pitching Tents (2016).

He has also added a huge chunk of an asset as a writer of Jim Norton: Monster Rain(2007) and Jim Norton: Please Be Offended(2012). The star is still working, and he may even have invested in real estate or any wealthy property or asset which he has not disclosed in any of the online sites.