David Tennant Age 47 Enduring Married Life With Wife & Loving Family

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David Tennant Age 47 Enduring Married Life With Wife & Loving Family

The most powerful antagonist of Harry Potter, David Tennant is the protagonist in real life!

He has a beautiful married life with his on-screen daughter, Georgia Moffett and shares an adorable bonding with his wife. The real-life proud father adopted his wife's son and kept him under his wings. 

As of now, he is the father of four beautiful children with his wife, and they have a beautiful family life.

Married Life With On-Screen Daughter; Adopts Wife Children

The wedding vows which David Tennant exchanged with his wife, Georgia Moffet is getting more strong as the time passed by!

For the first time, the couple's eyes collided on the set of Doctor Who, and since then they have not kept their eyes on anybody else. In 2008, she guest-starred on the show as David's daughter. But she is originally the daughter of the fifth doctor of the show, Peter Davison.

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After many years of dating life, he asked his beautiful girlfriend to be his wife in 2010's Christmas day, and since that day, they were planning for their wedding.

The surprise proposal came nine months of their daughter Olive's birth in March.

David Tennant, wife Georgia Moffett attends TV Choice Awards in 2017 (Photo: dailymail.co.uk)

Out of the very excitement for their wedding, they kept their wedding ceremony only to the dearest one. 

So on 2012 New Years' Eve, the 46-year-old actor married to his 33-year-old fiancee in an intimate wedding ceremony at the Globe Theatre which also included a fireworks display.

Her father Peter was particularly thrilled about the marriage, saying:

"It's great because David is a genuinely nice guy. I'm delighted Georgia has found happiness because she hasn't always had an easy life."

Following their wedding, David adopted Georgia's son Tyler from her past relationship and claimed to be the double-dad. Also, the couple were blessed with another happiness after Georgia became a mother again. On 2 May 2013, the couple welcome son named Wilfred.

Similarly, keeping the exact date of their fourth child a low-key, David announced that he has welcomed their fourth child, a baby-daughter named Doris on 9 November 2013.

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Reason To Get Married; Welcome To Family

Georgia,  who is the daughter of the Doctor Who's fifth doctor Peter Davison, seems to be the only way for David to enter into the Moffett's family as he adored her father the most.

The 70-years old actor Peter revealed the secret motive of his son-in-law to date his dearest daughter. He said David wanted to get closer to him so he started his move into the family through his daughter.

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While calling David to be the good son-in-law, he claimed that he is happy for his daughter and David.

David Tennant, Peter Davison (Photo: dailymail.co.uk)

Similarly, since the young age, he has seen Peter on the screen and so wanted to be the on the show. When he finally got the chance to on the Doctor Who, he charmed the show.

And today, David, who accumulates the net worth of $7 million, has a well-claimed career followed by many awards and recognition.