Ed Weeks Outed His Partner In A PDA! Could She Be A Potential Wife He Could Get Married To?

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Ed Weeks Outed His Partner In A PDA! Could She Be A Potential Wife He Could Get Married To?

Not all of the celebs we love reveal their potential partner in style; let alone in a PDA.

However, we have Ed Weeks, who has to your relief, revealed his dating affair. Well, you never know when a person can be your soulmate, but in Ed’s case, he seems to have found his potential wife. If not, then give us a good explanation for that PDA!

Let’s look at what he has to offer with his partner-in-crime and find out if is he still with her.

A potential Wife?

In Mid-2016, the internet got the buzz of Ed weeks and his romantic partner Bellamy Young. You might be scratching your head to try and figure out where you have heard this name.Well, let’s make it easy.

Bellamy is widely known for her role as the first lady in Scandal. Well, that right there is a bomb couple; a togetherness of one of the most loved actors and actress and on top of all that, the couple's decision to show off their relationship to the media.

The couple attended Elton John’s AIDS Foundation Oscar Party and put quite the show, as both were spotted whispering to each other while Ed had his arm around her and was spotted planting a kiss on the neck.

“Ed had his arm around her and was whispering in her ear and kissing her neck. They were very flirty and couldn’t keep their hands off each other. It seems like a new love.”

It so happens that this was the first time the couple looked so smitten in public and what follows next is something very adorable.

Romance After the party

The 36 years old actor frequently started sharing pictures of them hanging out together in a notably lovey-dovey way.


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It's clearly visible that Ed adores his lady love.

Although the fact about from when exactly the couple started dating has always remained on the other side of the curtain; but still, the fans enjoyed the view of two of their adored actor and actress finding love in each other’s company.


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That is something, right?

Still together?

Previously, Ed and Bellamy put out their relationship in public and their social media. However, it has been a while since Ed has posted anything romantic with Bellamy.

In fact, he has not posted anything that is remotely related to Bellamy at all. That does not mean the couple has broken up right?

If they did, that will break so many hearts, because a lot of concerned fans anticipated that the couple would get married and why not? After all, both of them belonged to the same industry. However, the matter remains unclear unless any one of them speak on the current status of their relationship.

Ed Weeks' short Bio

Ed Weeks was born on October 25, 1980, in the United Kingdom. The actor received his education from the Cambridge University. The actor is not very vocal about his family, but it is known that his mother is a native El Salvador.

Similar to his family affair, the actor is also very secretive about his earnings, as he has not revealed his net worth just yet.

Currently, the actor is busy with new projects like LA>Vegas and is very much consumed with The Mindy Project since 2012.

This'll probably enhance his success to a new height, right?

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