To Know If Emmanuelle Vaugier Is A Lesbain Or Not; Needs To Be Married Or Have A Dating History

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To Know If Emmanuelle Vaugier Is A Lesbain Or Not; Needs To Be Married Or Have A Dating History

Portraying the character of a lesbian partner in the Lost Girl: Season 4, actress Emmanuelle Vaugier has strictly raised the eyebrow regarding her sexual preference. People who are the regular viewers of the series are strongly in a dilemma whether Emmanuelle is revealing her secrecy through her character or is Vaugier only performing the act as asked by the series.

For now, we shall be justifying the risen confusion regarding Vaugier sexual preference and also reveal details regarding her married life and dating history.

Wondering about the men in her life or about her husband?

Blessed with ample amount of beauty and brain, Vaugier has been an eye catcher for every man in the movie industry. While flipping through her dating history, in the year 2010 she has been linked with the American director Chuck Lorre. The relationship between the pair brewed but the relationship could only survive for around two years.

Caption: Emmanuelle Vaugier with Chuck Lorre at the 63rd Primetime Emmy Awards (2011). 

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In the early January 2012, Vaugier broke her relationship with Chuck when she found her man cheating behind her back.  Vaugier never confronted the actual reason for the breakup, but her source on her behalf revealed the primary reason for separation. Her sources through on January 4th, 2012, explained the entire scenario of separation.They said:

“She was away for a month working in Vancouver and heard from a friend that Chuck had been spotted out with another woman. She confronted him about it when she got back, and he eventually admitted to it.'

They further added,

“Emmanuelle had already made plans to spend Christmas and New Year's Eve with Chuck, but she was left devastated by his infidelity.”

The source also revealed the fact of Vaugier confrontation regarding the infidelity, where the producer is said to have openly accepted the fact of double dating. Currently, Chuck is reported to be possibly single.

Before getting hooked with the producer Chuck, she was in a relationship with Josh Cooke since 10th May 2007. Neither Vaugier nor Josh has revealed any information regarding their meeting events and their dating events. However, the relationship got confirmed a year later after they got cozy in the public event of the 7th Annual Comedy for a Cure Benefitting the Tuberous Sclerosis Alliance in the Hollywood CA,20.

 Caption: Josh Cook and Vaugier at the 7th Annual Comedy for a Cure Benefitting the Tuberous Sclerosis Alliance in the Hollywood CA (2008).

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After four years of dating, the relationship fell apart in the year 2010. Not a single reason for the downfall of the relationship got revealed Vaugier and Josh, while Josh is reported to be married to Eleisha Eagle since April 2011.

Similarly, before dating Josh, Vaugier was also involved in a relationship with Jason Gray-Stanford, a Canadian actor in the year 1997. The meeting events, as well as the dating events, got kept under the shadow, along with their relationship confirmation.

Caption: Jason Gray-Stanford linked with actress Vaugier.

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Nor did they confirm the relationship neither were they spotted together in numerous events. The relationship is said to have lasted for around eight years which eventually got separated in the year  2005. However, no concrete reason for separation has been revealed neither by Vaugier nor by Jason, while Jason is reported to be married to Jes Macallan on 17th March 2012.

Currently, the Canadian actress is said to be possibly single and unmarried. Despite being in a relationship with three men, looks like the star has failed to find the perfect man to tie the knot. Though all her relationship sustained for more than a year, looks like she failed to find a compatible partner eligible to be her husband.So, we are waiting for Vaugier to find a perfect mate and get married soon!

Is her lesbian sexuality the key reason for the downfall of her relationship?

While portraying the character off Evony Fleurette Marquise in the series of Lost Girl: Season 4, she portrayed the character of a lesbian partner and was also spotted kissing actress Zoie Palmer who depicted the character of Dr. Lauren Lewis.

Caption: Zoie Palmer with Vaugier in the series of the Lost Girl: Season 4 (2013).

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The major reason for doubting in the sexuality of the actress may be due to her character in the series, but in real life, while going through her dating history, she had dated men like Chuck Lorre, Josh Cooke, and Jason Gray-Stanford.

Similarly, in the year 2015, Vaugier surfaced in the news for dating actor Sean Penn in the early month of August. Penn and Vaugier were spotted enjoying their dinner at the West Hollywood hot spot Madeo. As reported by the insider on the US Weekly on 5th August 2015 both the duo were spotted relaxing and enjoying the conversation.

Caption: Sean Penn and Vaugier identified enjoying a meal at West Hollywood (2015).

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However, neither Penn nor Vaugier has officially confirmed their relationship. Maybe they were enjoying a pleasant time before getting identified by the insider or maybe they were seriously involved but to avoid the unwanted media attention they kept their relationship under the shadow.Currently, Sean Penn is in the news for dating Leila George, the daughter of actor Vincent Donofrio. 

Though Vaugier is reported to be single and has no boyfriend but by glancing at her past dating, we can say that she is of straight sexual orientation and was only working as a lesbian as required by the series. 

We cannot judge the character of an individual based on the role played by them in the series. Thus, acknowledging actress Vaugier as a lesbian by her character would simply be unfair.