Gavin Houston Reveals That Daughter Is His Source Of Inspiration; Has A Girlfriend Or Is He A Gay?

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Gavin Houston Reveals That Daughter Is His Source Of Inspiration; Has A Girlfriend Or Is He A Gay?

Children and their happiness are the prime possessions one can have. Parents do whatever they can in order to make their children happy and give the life they want them to have. The same can be said about Gavin Houston who calls him fortunate to be the father of his daughter and cites her as his main source of inspiration.

So let us have a look at Gavin and his relationship with his daughter.

Is Gavin Taking Inspirations From His Daughter?

American actor Gavin, who has been there and done that with regards to his career reveals his daughter as his prime source of inspiration. In an interview with Tyler Perry, he said that his daughter is what inspires him.

That is good to know as his daughter keeps him up and running for his works and it is also understandable that Gavin is willing to do whatever it takes to keep his daughter happy.

For people who wonder about Gavin's wedding, no major information could be found. Maybe he wants to keep his personal life to himself and not openly share his private matters. 

For now, we can say that Gavin has an adorable relationship with his daughter and that is what keeps him motivated in terms of his professional life as the love of his daughter drives him and his passion. 

Is A Gay Or Has A Girlfriend To Shut Those Rumors?

Night time soap  "The Haves and the Have Nots" is what Gavin is more famous for. In the very soap, Gavin plays a black gay man named Jeffrey Harrington who is consumed by the fear of losing everything because of his sexuality and his occasional outbursts, and you have a character whose plot continues to thicken with every episode as his mother (Angela Robinson) on the soap is not willing to accept his sexuality.

The role he has portrayed in the soap is done with such art that people often speculate and accuse him of being a gay. Also, him not revealing anything about his relationships with girls is what prompts such rumors.  

But let us not jump into any major decisions without specific proofs and wait for Gavin to make an official announcement regarding his sexuality.

Caption: How Angela Robinson Really Feels About Jeffery | Tyler Perry’s "The Haves and the Have Nots" (Published on Feb 26, 2014)

However, if you follow him over on his social sites like Twitter, he has posted some tweets denoting his girlfriend who is still unidentified.

Some unofficial sources, however, claim that he is running single and thus, we might have to wait for him to confirm this thing. 

Born on December 10, 1977, in Brooklyn, NYC, USA, Gavin Houston is an American actor best known for his role as Jeffrey Harrington on the Oprah Winfrey Network soap opera, "The Haves and the Have Nots." He is the son of Lloyd Houston and Colette Houston. He also has an older sister named Tonza. 

He began his career as a child actor appearing in commercials which show his love for the industry from a very young age. He is skilled and is talented enough to earn every bit of success he deserves in his career.