Jacob Latimore Dating? It'd Be A Surprise if He Doesn't Have a Girlfriend!

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Jacob Latimore Dating? It'd Be A Surprise if He Doesn't Have a Girlfriend!

What do girls look for in a guy? His personality, talent, good looks, sense of humor, style, the right attitude, and the list could go on and on.

Well, we are here to talk about the young and multitalented artist Jacob Latimore. The actor/singer has almost everything a girl seeks in a guy. He is young, talented, good-looking, successful, and very good to his parents and other people.

But is the almost perfect lad a boyfriend to someone? Given his abilities and status, it would be a surprise if he wasn't.

If you are curious, scroll down to get rid of it.

Jacob Latimore's Dating Status:

Jacob Latimore is an R&B singer who has also been a part of some big screen movies like Ride Along, The Maze Runner, Black Nativity and Vanishing on the 7th Street.

The aspiring actor is turning out to be one of the emerging artists of his generation. For a 21-year-old, Jacob has a huge fan following because of his exceptional talent and phenomenal looks.


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That is one good-looking candid picture.

Given his stardom, his fans are always curious to know about his dating-affairs. But the actor has managed to keep it wrapped up under his sleeves.

He is often seen linked to his fellow singer, Alix Lapri. But the singer denied the rumor and cleared that he and Alix are just good friends. However, the duo is often spotted together and jumps in the opportunity to be there for each other.

Caption: Jacob along with Alexi interviewed during Kids' Choice Awards 2015 (Published: Mar 29, 2015)

In another interview, when asked what qualities he looks for in a girl, he said that personality, smile, and attitude are particularly important to him. But it seems like Jacob has not found the one yet who can handle him and his stardom or he could just be very good at disguising his love affair.

If you are wondering where Jacob gets his looks from, then we have the answer.


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Yup! She is the mother of 21-year-old Jacob. 

Jacob is the only son of Tish Taylor and Jacob Latimore, Sr. He does not have any siblings. But he is very close to his dad and his granddad, and they often sing together.

Caption: Jacob singing with his dad and granddad (Published: Jan 6, 2011).

That is one adorable video. Watch out, ladies.

The multitalented Jacob has almost everything a girl looks for in a guy, but the up-and-coming artist has no dating affair or a girlfriend, that we know of, at the moment.