Jenn Lyon Age & Measurements | 'Claws' Actress' Personal Life Revealed

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Jenn Lyon Age & Measurements | 'Claws' Actress' Personal Life Revealed

Claws actress Jenn Lyon seemed to have "outgrown" her pants; her love-hate relationship with her body & its measurements has a subject of fascination to many. In her most recent essay on the very topic, the North Carolina native opens up about the power struggle between her body and wardrobe.

Married to an Emmy winning The New York Times video editor husband, Jenn's life story resembles that of an open book; in that she has ruminated heavily on the somewhat touching relationship with her parents.

Delve into the Claws star's personal life to learn about her age, birthday and ethnicity!

Claws Actress' Battle With Eating Disorder; Body Measurements & Age Now

For a change, Jenn exonerates herself of not being able to fit herself in her pants; and instead blames the inadaptability of her pants.

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Her prolonged battle with an eating disorder - one that saw her join rehab to overcome it - has culminated into an epiphany-like moment. In her reflective (but humorous) essay on, she shares:-

"Why don’t we blame the pants more often? What I'm trying to say is, why is that every time I try to squeeze myself into skinny jeans or slim-fit pants, do I not tell the ill-fitting bottoms to take a long walk off a short pier? Why is it that I tell my body that it should just walk into the ocean forever?

A little further in her piece, the Justified actress ruminates on her eating disorder that arose from her effort to fit the "image." Jenn writes:-

"I am a size 14/16 right now but have been both much bigger and much smaller. I have been a size 0, which is fine if you naturally are, but to attain that with my build meant starving myself, throwing up, using laxatives, compulsively exercising and even eating the pages of a food magazine because I was so hungry and the pictures of cake didn’t have the calories of actual cake."

By her admission, she's a proud owner of an hourglass body. With the body measurements of 33-27-36 inches, the North Carolina School of the Arts Alum's "thick" at just the right places.

Delving further into the physical attributes of the gorgeous blonde: standing at five foot and seven inches tall(167 cm), The Coast of Utopia star weighs a healthy 132 pounds at the age of 34.

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Nobody could be more in love with all of Jenn's curves than her husband of less than a year, Taige Jensen. And the feelings seem to be mutual.

Jenn shares somewhat of a compromising snap of Taige (Photo:- Jenn Lyon's Instagram)

The manner in which Jenn portrays herself in public, one would have a hard time believing that she had come from a very strict Southern household.

More On Jenn Lyon's Personal Life Including Parents, Ethnicity & Birthday

The Fish In The Dark star - who is of white ethnicity - was raised by conservative parents, who adhered to the white Southern heritage.

Jenn's father Rev. Ken Lyon, formerly of First United Methodist Church, is now a pastor of a church in Matthew. Meanwhile, her mother is a nurse.

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Jenn & her parents vacationing at Live Aqua Cancun (Photo:- Jenn Lyon's Instagram)

Despite her strict upbringing, Jenn - whose birthday remains a mystery to the public - came of age once she left for college to pursue a career in acting following her high school graduation.

Once she hit it big, Jenn and promiscuous outfits became a recurring theme on TV -- a fact that didn't sit too well with her parents. In 2014 interview, she shared:-

“I think my dad would have preferred I wore more clothing. but you can’t have it all.”

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On the contrary, the Claws star seems to possess it all -- an understanding of unrealistic beauty standards, a loving boyfriend-cum-husband, and equally obnoxious parents.