Jeremy Jordan Talks About The Day He Got Married To His Wife! It Was Just As He Thought

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Jeremy Jordan Talks About The Day He Got Married To His Wife! It Was Just As He Thought

Nuptials are special; the vows exchanged, and the commitments made marks the momentous day. People plan for their big day to ensure that every thing ends up in perfection, and when the day arrives and things go as planned; then they have memories to cherish for the lifetime. 

American actor and singer, Jeremy Jordan's marriage also resulted in the way he thought, and he seems more than happy with the presence of his wife, in his life. So, let's have a look at the married life of this perfect couple and also figure out how special was their wedding day.

Jeremy Jordan's Married Life With His Beautiful Wife, Ashley Spencer:

Jeremy's first encounter with the love of his life was a little different than usual. Jeremy technically first met Ashley Spencer on Facebook, while having a glance at a couple of her pictures. Moreover, his first date with Ashley was a blind date.

Explaining his first meet up with Ashley, Jeremy expressed,

"I was in a show, and she met me outside my theatre. I was on the street, and she was up on the curb, and she walked up behind me, and she said, "Are you Jeremy?" I turned around, and she was in like ten-inch heels, and I look up, and she's like this Amazonian, blonde, gorgeous princess, and I was like, "Guhh!"

Jeremy continued, saying how he required the liquid courage to stop being shy.

"We went to dinner, and we started to get drinks — I wasn't much of a drinker, but I needed a little bit of liquid courage that night. She always tells people that there was a point about half an hour in, where she was like, "I'm going to give this kid like ten more minutes, and then we're going to call it a night." Right about then was when the alcohol kicked in, and I opened up and stopped being shy. Then, after that, we went and had margaritas, and then we went and did karaoke."

He then concluded as,

"We did [one of] those little Japanese karaoke booths, where you can go in… There's one right in midtown, and so we rented a little room, and we sang karaoke for like two hours, and then we made out. And, that was that! That was our first date."

Ashley had her own say regarding the initiation of their relationship.

"I saw Jeremy singing [in an online video] while I was auditioning for Rock of Ages, and I was like, “Wow, he can really sing.” It’s a huge turn-on! So we started messaging each other on Facebook about Rock of Ages, and he was really helpful."

The love gradually started blossoming between the two which led their relationship to a higher level, i.e., a married relationship.

Ashley and Jeremy exchanged vows back in 8th September 2012. Talking about their nuptials to and answering to the curiosity- 'if their wedding turned out to be everything that he dreamed of,' Jeremey responded,

"It was more than I'd anticipated it to be. I was kind of preparing for the worst — not in like, "She's going to leave me at the altar" kind of worst — but like, "There's going to be some kind of drama. Family is getting together. It's supposed to rain. There's going to be all those things." Some of those things happened, but it was still the best day ever. There's so much stress and drama going into planning a wedding — the worst thing ever — but it was totally all worth it for me."


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You can tell by the looks of them in their wedding picture; they just make a perfect match!

Jeremy often dedicates Insta post to his 'ridiculously beautiful' Wife.


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Their relationship deserves a life long togetherness!

Jeremy Jordan's Wiki-Like Bio:

Born and raised on November 20, 1984, in Corpus Christi, Texas, Jeremy is famed for his appearance in Television shows, "Smash," and "Supergirl." He spent his childhood with his family, which included his mother, Debbie Stone, brother, Joey, and sister, Jessa. Jeremy's parents got divorced when he was young.


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Jeremy seems to be more of a family person as he loves spending time with them,


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Additionally, not just is he mastering the art of acting, learning things as the days passes by, he was equally a brilliant student while graduating from Carroll High School. Jeremy has graduated from the Ithaca College, with a degree of Bachelor in Fine Arts in musical theatre.

Apart from his works and achievements Jeremy is a person, who lives by the example of righteousness.

Last summer, Jordan went public with a family conflict, claiming his 'sweet gay cousin' Sarah was forced to attend an anti-gay boarding school, Heartlight Ministries, and that Sarah previously tried to escape from there.

Jeremy and his brother even started a campaign last summer 'GoFundMe' to help his 17-year-old cousin, Sarah, who was enrolled in a boarding school which practiced, “pray away the gay,” after attending the prom with a girl.

Talking about the campaign, Jeremy stated,

“We started a GoFundMe page and it basically told Sarah’s story, which is the story of so many young gay teens, especially in the South and these states that are very intolerant toward homosexuality,” 

It's high time for people to change their thoughts regarding someone's sexuality and start appreciating a person based on their individuality!

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