Jessica Marie Garcia Getting Married At Age 31? Husband-To-Be Spoiling Her

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Jessica Marie Garcia Getting Married At Age 31? Husband-To-Be Spoiling Her

Finding a soulmate can be like a fairy tale to most people; beautiful to think about, but not very practical in real life. However, for the American actress Jessica Marie Garcia, the fairy tale turned out to be true as she found her prince charming in the form of a loving boyfriend.

And it seems like their story is indeed written in the stars as the couple is having a blissful time together. But, let's see what the future holds for the Liv and Maddie actress and her fiance.

Jessica's Romantic Life: Boyfriend, Engaged and Married Life

After a long time relationship, Jessica and her boyfriend Adam Celorier got engaged in January 2016 after Adam proposed her for marriage. Jessica was in no position to deny such a romantic gesture from Adam and eventually accepted the proposal.

The couple took a trip to San Diego to celebrate their engagement along with their friends including Joey Bragg, Lucas Adams, Shak Ghacha, Shelby Wulfert and Audrey Whitby. Jessica then shared the big news with friends and family through an Instagram post.

Jessica alongside fiance Adam flaunting engagement ring (Photo: Jessica M Garcia's Instagram)

Likewise, Adam's friend Lucas congratulated them on the auspicious occasion through a post on his Instagram account, where he wrote,

One of my best friends asked the woman of his dreams to marry him today, and she said yes and happens to be one of my best friends too!! #ABunchOfStuds #Adica #engagement #bestdressedgroup #SanDiego #ResoviourDogsPhoto #ValleyVigilantes

After their engagement, the couple remained off the spotlight for some time, and in 2017, Jessica came forward with another big news. Jessica disclosed the names of her bridesmaids.

However, the couple has not revealed the date or the venue of their wedding. But, looking at the pace in which the couple is moving with their relationship, it may not take long for the current fiancees to get married and pronounce each other as husband and wife.

Meanwhile, the couple is enjoying their engaged time together as they were spotted having a good time in the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County. Jessica posted a picture where the two gave a frightened look in front of a dinosaur sculpture.

Jessica and Adam looking terrified with the dinosaur (Photo: Jessica M Garcia's Instagram)

Similarly, the couple was also spotted celebrating Jessica's birthday and to mark the event Adam shared a picture on his Instagram. Looks like the fiancees want to seek the thrill of their life before settling down and starting a family.

More About Jessica Marie Garcia

Jessica was born on 23 March 1987 in Orlando Florida. And her parents were initially from Latin America. As a child, she suffered from obesity due to her excessive eating habits but later recovered after losing 75 pounds.

Jessica first thought of becoming an actress after watching Jennifer Lopez on Selena. And eventually, she became one of the recognized faces on Hollywood. She is well known for portraying the lead character, Willow on Disney's Liv and Maddie. 

And as of now, she is currently working on Netflix's On My Block as the annoying yet lovable Jasmine.