Know More About Weston Koury Who Recently Celebrated His Birthday; Any Upcoming Tours?

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Know More About Weston Koury Who Recently Celebrated His Birthday; Any Upcoming Tours?

With the cute face and adorable smile young entertainer Weston Koury has won the heart of many. Within a short period, the child artist has done incredibly good on the internet. Let’s find out more about Weston Koury in our story today.

Appreciable Work of Weston Koury!

A social media sensation Weston Koury who recently celebrated his 15th birthday is mostly famous for his YouNow broadcaster. He has maintained his image in the social media since 2015. With his consistent broadcasting in YouNow since mid-2015, he has managed to collect 159k fans on the network and has maintained his position and fame.

Within a short period of four months, he got to meet his fan officially. The young entertainer did his official Greet & Meet in Texas which took place in November 2015. While talking about his tours, it is not scheduled yet, but undoubtedly his fans will be looking forward to his tours.

The 15-years old entertainer chooses different medium to make his impression among his followers. Sometimes he shares his phone number, and also he is very famous in the quiz. If you know Weston well enough, then you can try the quiz.

Caption: Weston Koury shared his phone number on June 29, 2016.

Before fame, Weston Koury was a year-round competitive swimmer and used to follow freestyle.

Weston’s Family and Friends:

The America-born and raised Weston Koury was born on January 7, 2002. All the family members of Weston have appeared in few of his Broadcasts. Apart from that, he has not revealed other information regarding his parent's. Likewise, his sister named Kalynn also has appeared on few of Weston's broadcasts.

Caption: Kalynn made an appearance in one of Weston's broadcasts. (Published on 24 January 2017.

The entertainer with 5’3” height also has two best friends who are also famous on the web, namely Brandon Rowland and Hunter Rowland. According to sources, he also had a girlfriend named Erin Maries.

Caption: A cute chemistry of young lovers posted on September 5, 2016.

The source says, they first met online and started officially dating after meeting at Weston’s Greet & Meet from September 2016. That came to news after the Twitter post of Weston which says,

“Hello my little ugly ducklings erin and i broke up a lil while bc of not good timing but hey we’re still gr8 friends smoochies,”

Many of Weston’s followers also shared their feeling on the very topic of Weston’s separation with his girl.

Young talent is always appreciated and hope Weston Koury will be able to maintain his status in future as well.