LeeAnna Vamp: 5 Facts - From Age to Her Spectacular Wedding with Husband

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LeeAnna Vamp: 5 Facts - From Age to Her Spectacular Wedding with Husband

Enough of talking about just the actresses, today, we have a beautiful Vampstress whose life as a whole, is interesting to learn about.

Self-proclaimed Vampstress, LeeAnna Vamp, who is too beautiful for being called a vamp, is living her life that stands out from the normal ones. 

What her life entails is a little spooky, but worth having a glance at irrespectively. 

Want to get acquainted with five facts about this Vampstress? Let's begin!

LeeAnna Vamp's Husband is a Perfect Match for Her:

LeeAnna got married to boyfriend Cameron Lee Vamp in October 2015 at Knott’s Berry Farm, which is an amusement park in Buena Park, California. 

Not just do they share the same last name but their interest lies in the similar field too. Cameron is an actor and is known for his work in the 2017's horror movie, 'Pool Party Massacre.'

LeeAnna Vamp's Far From Ordinary Wedding:

We've heard about people taking time to plan their big day; vesting a proper amount of time and effort. However, LeeAnna's wedding seemingly underwent an extraordinary thought process. 

Begining from the theme of the wedding and it's officiator, to the wedding attire that the bride and groom flaunted; LeeAnna's wedding stood out in every possible way.

Caption: Witness the quirky wedding ceremony of LeeAnna. (Published on Oct 11, 2016)

Cassandra Peterson, also known as 'The Mistress of the Dark,' officiated their wedding!

Halloween is Her Favorite Holiday:

LeeAnna who likes to be called 'Ghoul of Your Dreams,' is also called the 'Halloween Goddess' by her fans. 

Well, it fits too, since her favourite holiday is Halloween. Moreover, she has this weird wish to live in the 'Haunted Mansion.' LeeAnna expressed why she loves Halloween over Christmas,

"I love evil stuff and all things Halloween. We all know who we are out there growing up as kids and loving the magic of the holidays. Christmas is awesome.... but for us, Halloween just kicks so much more ass."

Though this gorgeous lady has a dark side, her beauty can lighten up any place with her presence.


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Growing up, LeeAnna Was a Total Nerd at Heart:

Growing up, LeeAnna loved all the classics from tv, music, games, toys, and fashion. Also, she is a big fan of the 80's, it's movies and loves Horror, Sci-Fi, and  Fantasy genres.

In her own words,

"I am a fan and will be a Nerd Forever!"

Moreover, she is a big fan of 'The Walking Dead,' and seemingly Negan is her favourite character from the series! Also, she was the 2017's host of 'AMC The Walking Dead PREMIERE.'


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LeeAnna Vamp's Short Bio:

Born to her parents on January 26, 1981, LeeAnna is 36 years of age. And, unlike the other aspects of her personal life, LeeAnna has opted to conceal the identity of her parents. However, she calls Cassandra Peterson a.k.a 'Elvira,' her mom.


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Though they are just friends, they fit in as a perfect mother-daughter duo!

LeeAnna, who also likes to call herself 'Your Best Nightmare,' is an actress, model cum producer & creator of her own projects like 'Best Friends Forever,'  'Star Wars Girls,' 'Fright Night Show' and many others.

Moreover, she likes to introduce herself as,

"LeeAnna Vamp... is my real name and I am also known as the Vamptress. A " VAMP " is a seductress, a woman that knows her power, is alluring and enchanting. It is short for Vampire, but I think it's a style of my own that's edgy, sexy, dark and glamorous... I AM VAMP."

People often ask her “Are you a real Vampire?” to which her answer is,

 "That’s for me to know, and you to find out ;)"

Additionally, LeeAnna is also a graduate of Cal State University with a B.A in communications.