Lotte Verbeek Too Busy To Be Dating And Have A Boyfriend; Any Hints On Getting Married?

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Lotte Verbeek Too Busy To Be Dating And Have A Boyfriend; Any Hints On Getting Married?

There are two aspects of one's life; professional and personal or private aspect. People often tend to prioritize one aspect of their lives and give less emphasis to the other.

Similar is the case with the series "Outlander" actress Lotte Verbeek, who seems to be more focused on her professional life rather than her personal life.

Still, some questions often strike the minds of her fans, like is she dating anyone or has thoughts of getting married and having a husband in life? Well, if you're wondering about the same, you've reached the right place!

Is Lotte Too Busy To Have A Partner In Life? 

Lotte is someone who has been doing splendidly with her career. But while she has been enjoying the limelight in her career, she is yet to reveal anything about her personal life and most importantly, her love life.

She has not given any hints on having a dating relationship or a boyfriend relationship in her life nor revealed any plans of getting married and having a husband in her life. She has posted her pictures on valentine's day, but the posts do not give much detailed information about her dating life.


Happy L????VE day! #valentines

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Posts like these just add to the curiosity of the people keen to know about her love life. 


Happy heart day l??vers! #valentines

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It could be she just wants to keep things to herself and not let the fans and the media peek into her life which she is totally entitled to.

On-Screen Romance And Pregnancy:

Lotte has played romantic roles on-screen in Outlander. Back in an interview in 2015, she discussed her on-screen role and her unexpected pregnancy with Dougal, portrayed by Graham McTavish. Talking about her pregnancy, she said,

I didn't read the books ahead of time, but when I read the script it was a surprise. With this kind of character you know she's got something up her sleeve and that is fun. As much as I love to be surprised by what I read, I also like the surprise of it for the book fans. Because [they] already know what's going to happen, but still they're excited to see this just by the way that we're going to tell the story.

Moreover, when the interviewer asked her about her relationship with Dougal, she answered,

Ultimately it's romantic because however you want to look at it I believe she truly, really, deeply is in love with Dougal. She really does love him and she sees an equal in him that she hasn't really known before. We see that her first marriage was really one of safety and convenience, whereas with Dougal, that's not convenient at all. In fact, it's not really helpful to be with a guy who is a drunk and who has a temper and shouldn't really be seen with Geillis. But she truly loves him; she sees the passion they both have. It's interesting because you never get to see them together on screen — they barely share screen time — so you don't see the effects of them being together. Well, until the big reveal that she's pregnant. Obviously that wasn't Immaculate Conception. It's truly romantic

Caption: Lotte Verbeek, Graham McTavish, and Nel Rose Hudson talk about their first scene in Outlander. (Published on Feb 6, 2015)

The actress simply has done justice to the demand of the script and also her talents.

Hopefully, she reveals any vital information on her dating life.

Stay with us for the emerging updates on Lotte Verbeek!