Mark Consuelos' Wife Reveals Much About Their Married Life; A Perfect Family Holders

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Mark Consuelos' Wife Reveals Much About Their Married Life; A Perfect Family Holders

In today’s time, many celebrities create headlines with break up, splits or divorces. However, there are a few stars who create headlines with their blissful married life which makes people even more curious about the secret to their happy married life.

Falling into the latter category is the aspiring actor Mark Consuelos, who's married life has created a lot of noise as Mark’s wife Kelly Ripa revealed about their married life, which remained a matter of interest to all the fans around the globe. But what did she reveal? Well, let's dig in to find out.

Wife Reveals Secrets About Married Life:

Mark Consuelos' wife Kelly Ripa told a bedroom secret in the presence of Mark when he co-hosted his wife's show “Live With Kelly” on February 2017.

Caption: Mark Consuelos wife Kelly Ripa spills bean over a bedroom secret.

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In the interview, Kelly candidly revealed about their marriage, when she said,

When there's special married couple time in our house — do you know what I'm talking about? Because there's kids watching, so I'm just going to say, let's call it special grownup time. He's immediately mean to me afterwards, and I don't like that!”

Moreover, Kelly elaborated,

“I think it's bizarre, He becomes short with me. You know what I mean? Like irritated."

While Mark blushed and laughed along with audience, Kelly continued,

“And I'm like, 'Oh, now you're irritated? You were so loving three minutes ago!’”

In an interview, back in September 2016, on the show "Watch What Happens Live," a caller asked Mark to spill the beans of his happy married life. Gushing about his blissful married life with Kelly, Mark shared,

"We really dig each other, I'm really crazy about her."

Mark continued,

"I'm crazy about her."

Moreover, when Mark wife's pal and presenter of the show "Watch What Happens Live" Andy Cohen told Mark a great thing about them is that they bang a lot and awkwardly smiling, Mark said,

"We keep it going! I'm bananas over my wife."

A Perfect Family With Wife And Children:

Mark and Kelly met on the sets of “All My Children” in 1995, sparks flew between them, and they started dating, then finally, they had a elope wedding on May 1, 1996. On the occasion of marriage anniversary on 2013, Kelly shared a picture from their wedding in 1996, via Twitter.

In the span of 21 years of the wedding, they share three children together, Michael Joseph Consuelos (b. June 2, 1997), Lola Grace Consuelos (b. June 16, 2001), and Joaquin Antonio Consuelos (b. February 24, 2003). Kelly shared a rare family picture with husband Mark and their children via Instagram where the family appeared to be happy in each other’s company.


The band is back together! ??????????

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Also, it seems that Mark's and Kelly children love each other very much as Lola postponed her birthday celebration which falls on June 16 as her big brother, Michael had his graduation the very same day.

Further on March 30, 2017, Kelly announced Mark's birthday through Twitter along with a photo collage that Mark is the best father, husband, and friend.

Gay Rumors!

After being happily married for 21 years also, Mark is rumored to be a gay and all thanks to his remarkable performance in theater play “Standing on Ceremony: The Gay Marriage Plays” where Mark portrays the role of a gay and also kisses his co-actor, Craig Bierko. ,

In an interview, when Mark was asked why he did not use his tongue while kissing, he replied,

“I’m warming up to it little bit. I don’t want to be so easy.”

Also when Kelly was asked about her opinion on the kiss her husband Mark shared with Craig Bierko, Kelly said,

“as an actor, there’s something voyeuristic and perversely sexy about watching my husband”

American actor Mark Consuelos is famous as Mateo Santos in All My Children(1995-2010) which won him nominations and awards too. Simultaneously, Mark has appeared on other television shows like Road Rules(1997), Third Watch(2001), Friends(2001), Missing(2005-2006), Alpha House (2013-2014), Queen of the South(2016).

His film credits include The Last Place on Earth(2002), Wedding Daze(2006), Cop Out(2010), A Walk Among the Tombstones(2014), All We Had(2016), Nine Lives(2016). With his passion, hard work and dedication he has successfully earned a handsome salary and gathered a net worth of $8 Million.