Merritt Wever Address Dating Affair After Tabloids Got It Wrong; Isn't Married But What About Boyfriend?

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Merritt Wever Address Dating Affair After Tabloids Got It Wrong; Isn't Married But What About Boyfriend?

It’s always disheartening when false news gets published, and it becomes important for a celebrity to clarify the report. Similarly, Merritt Wever took the opportunity of an interview, to shed light on few of the false news one being her marital status.

Reveals Dating Affair When Tabloid Misinterprets:

In an interview on July 2009, Merritt Wever was asked the meaning as the interviewer read in IMBD that “she was raised as an active member of the leftist party?”

Upon hearing that Merritt Wever replied,

Ugh, IMDB is dangerous! I have a feeling I know who wrote that—that sentence is not really correct, grammatically or otherwise. Basically, my mother is a leftist liberal and I grew up going to Jewish socialist summer camps, but that's all.

Further Merritt Wever mentioned the statement which said she was married, but in reality, she was not married but was dating writer and director Noah Buschel and living with him in 2009. She said,

That IMDB tidbit isn't the only thing on my page that's incorrect—I don't speak three languages. Well, unless you count Pig Latin. Also, it says I'm married, which I'm not, though I do live with my boyfriend (writer/director Noah Buschel).

Caption: Merritt and Noah together at the screening of "The Missing Person" at the Sundance Film Festival (2009)

After this clarification, the very site has edited the content.

Again in an interview in September 2013, Merritt Wever opened up about being accepted in her Television show 'Nurse Jackie' despite being healthy compared to the other actress with enviably fit bodies. And she hesitantly talked about her weight and addressed herself as "people like me" and said,

Sometimes I wonder what would have become of me if I hadn't gotten this. It's been really, really great, you know? I watch television, I know what the TV landscape looks like, and I know that I don't always see a lot of people like me, so I'm very grateful in many more ways than just one for this job.

Further, Merritt Wever added that she was not asked for weight loss, but the writers were smart enough to incorporate it in her Emmy-winning character of 'Zoey' in Television series 'Nurse Jacke'

Yeah, in part, sure. And you're right, the landscape's changing, but it ain't changing all that quickly! So I meant that, but also, they were so open and generous, the people who were creating and writing the show. I was really lucky that they were observant and that they liked things that I did that I guess I've continued to enjoy doing. I think they were really smart in what they chose to have Zoey [her character on Nurse Jackie] become and do. I just have a really nice time playing Zoey, so I'm glad that they made her who she was.

Further, in 2015, Merritt Wever gave a new dimension as she portrayed a lesbian role of psychiatrist turned surgeon 'Dr. Denise Cloyd' in 'The Walking Dead'.

And whole new controversy surfaced when the character of 'Denise' was killed in 2016 and to address the disappointment over the tendency of television series to kill lesbian and gay characters on screen #BurryYourGays started over twitter.

An impressive acting talent of Merritt Wever's has spoken volumes and her rising popularity created curiosity about her love life among fans. She had dated actor-director Noah Buschel in 2009 and went ahead to accept it but their parting date is still a mystery.

After Noah, the news of Merritt's love life has not been circulated in the media. Merritt is currently single but it's possible that she has been successful to maintain a tight guard over her love life with a boyfriend. However, she has not been married previously so she is yet to have a husband.