Michelle Beadle is Dating With Steve Kazee: Plans On Getting Married With Actor Boyfriend?

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Michelle Beadle is Dating With Steve Kazee: Plans On Getting Married With Actor Boyfriend?

How fascinating and exciting it is, being in a relationship with a popular personality when you are also one famous person. You might have already guessed that we are here to talk about a couple who are famous in their working sectors and are almost equally successful.

Let’s just start with the lady because we do not want to forget the long-running manner of ‘ladies first’ do we? So, we are talking about Michelle Beadle, who is as we all know, is a Sports reporter and serves as a host for the ESPN. We will, however, discuss her professional life, but not now. It’s because, we all know, our primary focus is not her professional life right? So, let’s jump right into the topic of our interest.

We are now talking about her personal life, and that raises the ultimate question of her marital status.  So, what do you think? Is she married or single? Alright, we will just reveal it but we know, many of the guys there who have a crush on her wish her to be a single woman but! It’s sad that she is not single, not at the moment. Wondering who that lucky guy might be? You are not alone in that; we wonder the same thing as well.

So, Michelle Beadle is currently in a relationship and is dating Steve Kazee, who is a Tony and Grammy award winning actor. He is mostly known for his movies like Working Class (2011), Shameless (2011) and legends (2014). As Michelle has also been a red carpet reporter for various awards functions like the Grammy awards, Golden Globe, Tony award and much more, she might have had an ideal image of her husband to be like the men who win awards. Call it fate or coincidence, she landed over Steve.

Off the record, but Steve is also a fan of professional wrestling as he says that in his twitter info bar and often tweets about it. Not sure if you knew or not but Michelle is also a lifelong fan of the WWE. However, Michelle stopped watching WWE for some time but was back on it later.

It looks like we forgot to mention earlier that Steve is also a singer, an excellent one. Here we present you with a song called ‘Gold’ by Steve Kazee.

So, this is it, she is in a relationship and has a boyfriend. Sorry for all the heartbreaks that this news brought to all of those guys and girls who had a crush on them as there are many admirers of Michelle as well as Steve’s.

Being famous not only sums up fans for a person, but it also adds haters too. Here is a tweet where a follower says that Michelle's dogs are ugly, and she has no boyfriend or husband. Her reply to that tweet was simple. Take a look.

So, now we know that they are in a relationship but nothing has been revealed as the year they started dating and else. Anyway, are the couples planning on taking the next big step? We all know what that is, of course, marriage.  Sadly, nothing is officially spoken about their plans on getting married. If they decide to tie the knot, we will surely know about it, and if we get to know it then ultimately, you will know it too.

Now, let’s look at some of the couple’s picture from their social media accounts.


#JeffWeCan @stevekazee @lastweektonight

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A Jeff fan?


LA Christmas...we try.

A photo posted by Steve Kazee (@stevekazee) on

A merry Christmas together.


Weekend was officially slain! That's a wrap.

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Pretty fun and wonderful weekend.

Wondering what the couple might have in common, that contributes to making their relation more strong? It is their absolute love for animals, in particular for dogs.

Michelle's Short Bio:

Born on October 23, 1975, Michelle Beadle graduated from Boerne High School. Getting a kick start to her career as an intern for San Antonio Spurs by her father's assistance, she has worked for various major news channels like CBS, NBC and is recently working as a sports reporter and host for ESPN.

However, recently, ESPN has decided to put up Michelle Beadle to host an extended one-hour edition of the  NBA Countdown pregame show on Wednesdays and Fridays which also includes the Christmas Day game. This modification, however, will not affect another show as she will continue to host SportsNation from Mondays to Fridays.