Natalie Nunn Flaunts Her Body After Sharing Many Big Pregnant Belly; Welcomed A Baby Girl With Husband

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Natalie Nunn Flaunts Her Body After Sharing Many Big Pregnant Belly; Welcomed A Baby Girl With Husband

Bad Girls Club star Natalie Nunn made quite an impact on the reality show with all that she brought to the table. But that is what she did on the show, but today, we shed light on her famous pregnancy, her child and her marital life with her husband. So let us get it all started!

 Expecting A Child And Becoming A Mother!

Back in 2016, Nunn made it public that she was expecting a child, a baby daughter with her husband Jacob Payne, who is a former football player. Jacob and Nunn first got together in October 2011, and that led to them getting married on 5th May 2012. However, this was not the first kid the two were expecting as Nunn previously suffered a tragic and soul slashing miscarriage and lost her first child back in 2015. She elaborated the travesty in such words,

'It was a really hard time. We went through a grieving period,

But the love between the two grew much stronger, and they got through the loss. And now there was happiness for them again. 

She was so happy to have a second go at having a child of her own, and when she found she was having a girl this time, she said,

'We are so excited! I mean, come on — a little me!' 

'The world can totally use another Natalie Nunn!'

'I thought it would be a boy,'

'I’m such a tomboy, but I’m excited about having a little princess. And Jacob is, too. He painted her nursery himself. It’s all pink and white.'

Caption: Nunn and Jacob know the gender of their child.

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Moreover, she also shared what she and her husband went through when she was pregnant.

Her husband is the best is what she says.

The love Jacob has for Nunn, and the baby is adorable. 

Also, the anticipation was way too much for her to handle.

But now she has welcomed her little angel to her life, and she is thankful to the Lord Almighty for giving her the strength and endurance in the processing of welcoming her baby.

Here is what Nunn's physique looks like before and after pregnancy.


Before and 2 days after giving birth! The picture on my left is me at 40 weeks pregnant and picture on the right is 2 days after giving birth to my baby girl! I was able to get to the hospital and delivered my daughter in 20 mins! I PUSHED FOR 20 mins had a safe healthy delivery and baby girl! I truly feel staying some what active doing and following what I could of my "Fit Pregnancy" workout challenge available on my website was such a huge success in delivering my daughter! I had energy I felt strong and truly blessed and knew my body could do it! I have tons of amazing challenges for everyone to follow and even for pregnant mommies! Check out my website now! click the website link in my Instagram bio now! #pregnant #pregnancy #natalienunn #paynefamily #babyISHOME #SNAPBACK #SUMMERLIT

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She is yet to share more about her daughter, but we would like to wish her and her family the very best for the days to come and congratulate them on welcoming a new member to the family

.A Short Bio of Natalie Nunn:

Born on December 26, 1984, in Concord, California, United States, Natalie Nunn is a famous TV personality who is best known for being a castmate on the Bad Girls Club during its fourth season back in 2009-10. 

She also appeared on the very show during season 13 as Hair Battle Spectacular. Nunn was a key part of the show, and the success of the show paid her a healthy dividend, which is evident with her net worth of $325 Thousand.