Carspotting's Star Niko Weaver's Wiki-Like Bio! Everything You Need to Know About Age, Girlfriend and Dating

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Carspotting's Star Niko Weaver's Wiki-Like Bio! Everything You Need to Know About Age, Girlfriend and Dating

Speed and thrills are two essential things for someone who does sleep, breathe and live the life of a walking car encyclopedia. It is something which we can relate to a certain someone named Niko Weaver, who is one of the stars of the show called "Carspotting."

It's a show that mostly focuses on Imports & Classics and Cascadia Customs. The show is something that keeps the fans on the edge of their seats and also rushes their adrenaline to the limit, and this is enough to let you know how popular Niko is.

But still, if you are willing to broaden and expand your knowledge about the life of this man, we have got things all covered for you. This segment today is Niko's wiki-like bio, dedicated to the huge fans of this bearded man.

Niko Weaver: The Star of Carspotting!

This discovery channel show revolves around the love for cars that three people share- Niko Weaver(age 26) and his best friends, Carlos Becerra and Pedro Becerra, who also happen to be brothers.

Caption: The star team of Carspotting: Nico, Carlos, and Pedro.

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Niko Weaver is the automotive mastermind of the "Carspotting" squad. He once said that his whole life is linked with cars,

“My whole life has revolve around cars,” 

Niko even expressed,

“I wanna make sure I know everything that goes into the vehicles when we send them out,”

Young and hungry for success, Niko and his team hustled to hunt and flip hidden heirloom to their former glory. Investigating every possibility, they scour the mountains, backwoods, and farmlands of the Pacific Northwest be it by foot or flight.

Once recuperated, the group comes back to the shop to survey their pull and take care of business rejuvenating the works of art.

Niko, who is explained as “car savant” by Discovery channel, is followed by cameras along with Carlos as they hunt in remote locations for long-forgotten cars, targeting those that are most sought for and will make them the biggest profits.

Moreover, the most interesting and impressive thing about the trio is that all of them are in their 20's when it comes to their age.

If we are talking about the age factor, you might be shocked to learn that Niko started working on cars since he was seven years old! What were we doing when we were seven? Do not remember right?

No wonder why he is so successful in his career, which has helped him generate a fair amount of money. Despite that, the actual figure of his net worth is something that is very far from the knowledge of the fans and media, as he remains mum about it till this date. 

To know more about what the man who has not shaved for legit 6 to 7 years does with his cast mates, you might want to tune into Discovery channel on Mondays, as it airs after "Street Outlaws: New Orleans."

Niko Weaver's Personal LIfe: Is He Married? Has A Wife?

Niko Weaver is a car encyclopedia no doubt, but is this car freak blessed with the presence of a lady love in his life? He is good looking, and he surely does attract a lot of ladies towards him, but this man has kept his cards very secretive and has not been vocal at all about his marital life.

There are no traces of him having a wife or having tied the knot to anyone. He has also maintained total silence about his dating life and has not presented a girlfriend in front of the public.

But a coin always has two sides, and without flipping both sides, we do not know the ultimate truth about his personal life.

Perhaps we are looking for some more of information from his end, and as soon as we find anything, we surely will update you people about his sought for married life.

Stay with us for the emerging updates on Niko Weaver!