Pearl Thusi On Engagement Rift To Married Rumors & New Relationship Struggle

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Pearl Thusi On Engagement Rift To Married Rumors & New Relationship Struggle

South African Actress cum model Pearl Thusi is better known for her roles in series The No 1 Ladies Detective Agency and Western Hit series Quantico. 

The actress was in the news for the rift in her engagement with her fiance. Moreover, She also created a buzz in the media when she flaunted her engagement ring even after the split. 

Whats more the actress, who also has a daughter with her previous partner, spoke about her struggles to find a long-lasting relationship.

Dating And Engaged To Get Married: Only To Have A Rift

The host of Lip Sync battle Africa, Pearl first met with TV personality Robert Marwa at a polo event at the Inanda Club in Johannesburg in 2013 and struck a friendship with him. The friendship gradually strengthened and the couple began dating in the middle of 2015.

Despite the model denying the relationship with Robert, it did not remain hidden for a long time as their Twitter accounts gave away the signs of the budding love between them. 

And according to various South African news portals, the pair were rumored to be engaged when the radio host was pictured flaunting a diamond ring in various social media posts.

The engagement rumors were finally confirmed when Robert opened up to Anele Mdoda on Real Talk in August 2016, about getting engaged to a 'lady having her first bite of Big Apple,' in reference to Pearl shooting for Quantico in NewYork.

Furthermore, in a talk with times live, Pearl even called Robert her 'Man Crush Every day' in September 2016.

Pearl Thusi with her fiance Robert Marawa (Photo:

Two months after Robert's acceptance about their relationship, the 30-year-old actress confirmed to Anele Mdoda on October 2016 how her fiance had popped up the question romantically during the couple's date night.

Pearl explained that Robert had the ring delivered in a chocolate box after the couple had finished their dinner and desserts. Pearl quipped:

"There was a box and I thought it was chocolate… and then I opened it and in the end, I realized what was going on and then there he was, like sweating and then finally it happened. He did kneel but I didn’t see that.   

There were rumors that the sweethearts had secretly tied the knot in January 2017 pronouncing husband and wife. However, the couple's engagement did not progress naturally to marriage as they ended up parting. 

Robert announced on 6 August 2017 via Twitter that he and Pearl had officially separated a few months ago. However, they continued to remain friends.

A month after Robert's announcement, Pearl also confirmed that their relationship had ended and had gone their separate ways. Speaking to Sowetan Magazine, she said:

"Yes, it's a private issue, but it was an incredible relationship. It was an absolutely incredible relationship. I wouldn't trade it. I learned a lot from it. I think we've all taken the lessons we needed to take from that journey and hopefully we can all move forward from that."

However, the actress was reportedly still sporting her engagement ring even after calling off her union with Robert. And that led to rumors about the couple getting back together.

The news proved just to be rumors after the actress announced in March 2018 that she had been single for last eight months. 

Pregnancy Turmoils and Daughter 

The TV star was previously in a romantic relationship with sports personality Walter Makoena. However, the details of their relationship remain confined.

But it is known that the couple has a 10-year-old child. Pearl spoke of her difficulties during her pregnancy because of the lack of emotional support during her pregnancy.

She told to Real Talk's Anele Mdoda in October 2018 that because of her on and off relationship with Walter, she was rendered psychologically and emotionally weak. 

However, the actress gave birth to her child, a daughter Thando, and is a proud mom to her daughter. For instance, on 14 September 2017, she shared on Twitter about how her daughter made her tea after an argument on her daughter's birthday.

Whats more, the loving mom, also posted a picture with her daughter in her Instagram on 25 January 2018, and called her the best gift she did not think she deserved.

Pearl Thusi with daughter Thando during a photo-shoot (Photo: Pearl Thusi's Instagram)

The actress never fails to mention her daughter in her Instagram posts and is together with her in every events and festivities. 

Struggle to Find A Perfect Match

Despite excelling her role in movies and as a loving mom, the only role she has to fail is of a Valentine.

The actress previously shared on September 2017, that she had always wanted to get married to a white Rugby player. She felt that black and black did not make a great match, in reference to her father and mother's troubled relationship. 

And in a series of tweets on 6 March 2018, she spoke of the qualities that a man she wanted should possess which included great arms, tall height, funny, strong, secure and good teeth.

And a week after sharing the qualities, she talked about the difficulties she faced in having a relationship in South Africa because of her fame. She also spoke of her fear of being discussed as a trophy wife or girlfriend. 

She was heard saying to Touch HD as:

“I’ve been single for eight months, I’ve been single for a while..the truth is, I struggle to get into a relationship in South Africa because I’m afraid of why somebody will be getting in a relationship with me or why I’m getting into a relationship with them. I can’t even play with someone because, for me, it’s like, who are they gonna tell, am I a trophy, and there are all these other things I need to think of.”

She, however, did not entirely shut the doors on a relationship and opened up prospects about getting hooked up with someone outside South Africa.