Piper Curda With Her Perfect Dating, Boyfriend - At Just 20!

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Piper Curda With Her Perfect Dating, Boyfriend - At Just 20!

Finding a perfect love match isn't as easy as it seems, to embrace somebody with differences and to love them takes a pretty special person. And lucky are those who get to come across such people with whom they can share their love unconditionally that too at an early age.

Disney star, Piper Curda is also amongst the fortunate ones, as she already has a perfect dating life with her boyfriend just at the age of 20. Want to know what makes their dating affair a perfect one? Vest your few minutes in the segment down below. 

Piper Curda's Dating Life:

Disney Channel's 'I Didn't Do It' star, Piper, who is not just an actress but also a singer is living a life which is entirely blessed. She is no short of professional success while also being equally prosperous in her love life. 

Piper is dating her boyfriend, Troy Ogletree for over a year now and they are downright living by the example of couples who provide relationship goals. Their PDA speaks of their adorable union.


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Moreover, the thing that they express and feel about each other is just too adorable. On the occasion of Troy's birthday, Piper took to Instagram to wish her boyfriend, sharing a lovely picture followed by a sublime caption. She described how wonderful of a human being her boyfriend is while embracing the fortune of having Tory in her life.

"to the boy who reminds me not to take life so seriously. the one who reminds me to breathe. the boy who cares for people to an unfathomable degree. who works hard, dreams massively, and has the most fascinating mind full of "what if" "do you ever wonder" and "isn't it weird" that never ceases to chase after the weird and wonderful. to the boy who knows every good and terrible thing about me and doesn't just stick around but pushes me to better myself, accept myself, and love myself. the boy who has the most intimate dialogue with God that I have ever witnessed and who continually chases after His heart before anything else. you are one in 7 billion. it is your birthday. it has been a gift to be a part of a fraction of the incredible twenty three years that you have lived. luh u papi, furniture buds 4 life"


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Well, that is hands-down the sweetest thing to witness. But, wait, Tory too, isn't short of words when it comes to expressing what Piper's presence in his life means to him. Troy as well opted to gush about his feelings for Piper on her birthday and the way he describes his girlfriend reflects sheer love.

"today we get to celebrate this one and all the good she brings to the world. the one who is relentlessly caring for everyone before herself. the one who values family and friends over a career or anything else. the one who always finds a way to encourage me when I doubt myself. the one who can always make me laugh and (thank God) matches my weirdness. one of the most honest, genuine, intelligent people I know. the most beautiful person, inside and out. a true warrior for and representation of Jesus. but most importantly, i found the one who puts food and staying up late over anything else. today is your day, and I'm beyond thankful that i get to be in your life. happy birthday piper joy ❤️"


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Hopefully, the bond blossoms between the two forever and after!

More About Piper Curda:

The Disney star, Piper, 20 in age was born on August 16, 1997, in Tallahassee, Florida and possesses a mixed ethnicity, as she is conjectured to have Korean and Caucasian ancestry. Moreover, Piper belongs to a large family that includes her four siblings, Riley, Major, Saylor, and Glory. 


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At just 12 years of age, Curda got to play the role of Roly-Poly in the Broadway production of 'The 101 Dalmatians Musical,' and after that, her career never took a break!

Curda, who previously had a recurring role as Kennedy Van Buren/Kumiko Hashimoto on A.N.T. Farm has multiple acting credits to her name including guest appearances on shows such as 'Body of Proof,' 'Law & Order: Special Victims Unit,' and 'Rizzoli & Isles.'

Moreover, she even has appeared with her sister Riley in a musical production of 'The King and I.' 

Also, did you know, Piper's younger sister, Saylor was the one who officially introduced Piper's ex-boyfriend, Caleb Stanley to her followers?


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Piper isn't just the one with previous dating experience, as her now-boyfriend, Troy as well previously dated the Fifth Harmony's band member, Ally Brook for almost three years since January of 2013.