Rumored Gay Actor Elliott Tittensor's Girlfriend Ended Their Dating Affair! What Was The Reason?

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Rumored Gay Actor Elliott Tittensor's Girlfriend Ended Their Dating Affair! What Was The Reason?

With no doubts, there will be highs and lows in every relationship. If you can work in that particular scenario, then no force can break your relation. We have plenty of examples when it comes to different problematic relationships, and one of those includes Actor Elliot Tittensor.

We are very familiar with the former relationship of Elliot Tittenson with actress Kaya Scodelario. But what is the reason behind the split of the duo? We are sure that you want to know more about long romance. Let’s dig the facts of the actor Elliott’s affair with his ex-girlfriend.

What Happened To The Long Dating Affair With Actress Girlfriend?

Elliott Tittensor shot to fame after he was cast as Carl Gallagher in the Channel 4, Shameless. Apart from his working life, the next thing which has been in the eye of many is his relationship status. And we are certain that you too are very curious about his relationship with the girlfriend of years, Skin actress Kaya Scodelario.

Talking about their affair, the pair started dating from the late of 2009. The romance between the two got into the news for several years, but eventually, it ended after five and half years.

Caption: In their happier days; Elliot and Kaya dated for five and half years. 

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Their romance just vanished in the air but what was a reason? Well, this is the most questioned topic whenever people talk about the Shameless actor.

The former pair’s relationship hit the major headlines after Elliot Tittensor got arrested for a hit n run case in 2015. The actor’s former trainee plumber Oliver Flint sued him for £300,000.

Oliver suffered a brain damage and was one eye blind after being thrown from the bonnet of uninsured BMW. The incident took place outside the McDonald’s restaurant on Kentish Town Road in 2010. But Oliver Flint sued the 27 years old actor five years later in 2015.

Along with parents and brother, Kaya was also present during the legal proceedings to defend ex-boyfriend. She said,

“I have never seen him be aggressive to anyone. He was very shaken up and frightened, and above all concerned for me that I had been attacked”

She further told,

“I could see he was panicked about whether Oliver was okay, after falling off the bonnet of the car, because he couldn’t see and didn’t know what state he was in.”

While talking about the case, the actress also mentioned about the break up after the incident, that brought up some tears in the eyes of Elliot.

Elliot defended himself saying that was a self-defense response and a reaction for the protection of his then girlfriend.

The messy legal battle opened up the truth of their breakup, and the reason was the accident.

As of now, the actress is married to actor Benjamin Walker, and on the other side, Elliot is single. Being secretive about his personal life has brought the swirling rumors of him being gay.

However, no statement has been released from the actor regarding the sexual orientation, so the fact of his preference is still a mystery. However, his past relationship with a woman somewhat can be evident to his straight orientation.

Born on November 3, 1989, Elliot Tittensor is a twin brother of Luke Tittensor, who is also an actor. He started his career in 2003, making a brief appearance with his twin brother in Brookside.

Later in 2004, both the brothers went on to work in the shared role in “Shameless, ” but later Elliot took over the role after Left the show. He has worked in several movies as well, that includes Spike Island (2012), The Selfish Giant (2013), North V South (2015) and much more.

Caption: Elliot Tittensor talked about “Spike Island” in an interview at 2012 BIFAs. (Published on December 17, 2012)

As of now, he is occupied with his 2017 project Dunkirk.

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