Salice Rose Is Not A Lesbian! But Her Sister Is

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Salice Rose Is Not A Lesbian! But Her Sister Is

Props to love, it sees no bars!

Salice Rose, an American Instagram star, is patently not a lesbian but she has a member of her family who belongs to the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) community.

Rose's sister, Ashley Salice is open about her sexuality and is currently rejoicing a relationship with her partner, Alejandra Ramirez that has reached the second year milestone.

The Salice sisters, above all, are quite famous on Instagram; their accounts have amassed more than seven and a half million fan following. Well, a large number of followers that they have managed to garner is apparently the result of what the sisters share with their followers on their social accounts, and they seem to do it like pros!

After acknowledging their popularity, you might just want to know more about the Salice sisters. If that's the case, keep reading below!

A Platform That Provided Rose Her Fame:

Beginning from April 2013, the California-born Rose has been periodically sharing pictures and videos. However, the acclaims mostly came to her for posting videos on various topics.

But the main reason behind Rose's success is her down to earth attitude and the way she plays with words; keeping it precise and understandable to her followers.

Additionally, Rose makes her videos entertaining, as she mixes up her talks with dancing and singing accompanied by a background music to add some oomph. Rose also addresses serious issues, such as problems faced by youngsters, and she provides their solutions as well.

Moreover, the brunette is highly dedicated towards her craft; she often dyes her hair to give it various shades and sometimes does a bit of acting to provide variation at what she does.

This 23-year-aged web personality, who also tries her hands in modeling, has impersonated a girlfriend's mood in her videos several times to show how she would react in different cases.

Last year, she uploaded a video on Instagram to show how a beau would make her faces when he has to swear she is not insane.


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Well, Rose is not just popular amid her Instagram followers, but she has also earned a significant amount of subscribers on YouTube and equal followers on Twitter and Facebook as well.

At present, she promotes apparel from different companies and has successfully accumulated some millions of dollars through her web career.

However, it was not the same in the past; she used to get criticized for a lot of issues! Talking about the criticism, Rose was accused of being fake for pretending like celebrities and was even assumed to be gay.

Additionally, she had also been part of controversies regarding her waist training videos, following which she had to delete those videos.

The fans often speculate that she owns diamond teeth, but she indeed seems to advertise for companies displaying her original teeth that sparkles no less than diamonds.


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Salice Rose's Sister, Ashley is Equally Famed:

While Rose keeps the details of her parents under the wraps, sources report that she has three siblings- a sister and two brothers.

Rose's sister Ashley also knows how to make her social media fans happy. Ashley's love for her sister, Rose is evident.

Here's a post that Ashley dedicated to her sister on her 23rd birthday taking a couple of pictures and a video to Instagram, a few days ago. The caption says it all!

"I am BLESSED to call you my sister and I am BEYOND proud of you for everything you have accomplished and I have no doubt you will continue to do AMAZING things!!! Each and every day I love watching you work hard, grow, and succeed, and just know that I’ll always be here standing right beside you every step of the way ????‍?????? I love you baby sis!!!! ???? "


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Ashley regularly posts pictures and videos on Instagram and even flaunts her ongoing lesbian relationship through the same platform. Moreover, her lesbian partner, Alejandra Ramirez also makes appearances on her social media posts. The loved-up couple recently celebrated their second anniversary early this month.


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May success be by the side of this two wonderful souls, forever!