Sam Pottorff Wiki: He And Girlfriend Show Young Age Marriage is Bliss

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Sam Pottorff Wiki: He And Girlfriend Show Young Age Marriage is Bliss

Everyone has their own perspective regarding the age for love and marriage. 

Some believe that the ability to successfully handle a conjugal relationship comes with the increasing number of age whereas some are of the notion, “Love will guide us, and we don’t give damn about the age.”

Well, talking about the YouTuber Sam Pottorff, he seems to be of the latter mindset as he has tied the knot with his love Rosa Van Iterson despite their young age. 

Affirmative, he is not gay! So, curious to know how his love life began and how well it is going? Dive in!

Sam Pottorf's Wiki-like Bio!

The American YouTuber, Sam John Pottorf, was born on October 19, 1995, in Laguna Beach, California. He was raised in San Clemente along with his younger brother Levi and two cousins Mia and Cloe.

Pottorf stands tall at the height of 5’ 8” and belongs to a mixed ethnicity: he is half Arabic, part-Turkish and part-Palestinian.

He was passionate about making videos from a very young age. But he could only work on it after he dropped out from his school. 

Since then, he has been found active on social media like YouTube, Twitter, and Snapchat, collecting 1.7 million followers on Instagram, and 650,000 subscribers on his Pottorf youtube channel.

Besides making videos and vlogging, Pottorf was also a part of the documentary O2LForever (2015) and the TV series On the Spot Interviews (2011). He also starred in the movie Young & Alone (2018).

Additionally, Sam likes surfing, making tattoos, and playing 'Best Fiends'.

Sam Pottorff’s Must See love-life!

The 22-years-old started dating the Dutch actress, Rosa Van Iterson, 24, from March 2016. In accord with the facts, Rosa has her own YouTube channel 'Sam and Rose' that has 200,000 subscribers and has more than 80,000 followers on her private Instagram account. She is just as famous as her bae!

After six months of dating, both of the social media darlings surprised their fans by announcing their engagement on Pottorf’s YouTube video officially.

Caption: Sam Pottorf and Rosa Iterson officially engaged.

(Published on Sep 5, 2016)

Also making the announcement more heart-touching, Pottorf Instagrammed his engagement picture and captioned,

So guys! I did it, I put a ring on it! I had to get her before someone else could, because she is my better half. She's made me a better person and helped me through things I didn't even know I had to go through. And everyday I'm without her I feel so lost, she's to good to be true and I would never be able to find anyone better. she's the most amazing person I've ever met and I can't wait to spend the rest of my life with her, she's my rock and my best friend and one of the only people that I can tell anything to and know she'll still love me just as much. I love you more than anything. You and me against the world baby.

Soon after the engagement, the duo decided to embrace each other as life partners. So, they took their vows on April 23, 2017. And for their fans,  Pottorf uploaded the moments of the "I do" with his girlfriend-turned-wife on his youtube channel and, without a doubt, all their fans admired them.

Caption: Sam And Rose finally in a wedlock

(Published on Mar 25, 2017)

The couple seems to have a deep affection for each other. Every time they upload their pictures and videos, they leave their fans mesmerized, giving them a glance of the beauty of marriage life. No wonder their young age marriage has captured a lot of attention.

And also, it is always beautiful to watch the couple enjoying each other's company and having so much fun working together. Let's pray that the bond never breaks!