Scott Adkins Wiki: Workout, Training, Weight, Personal Life and Wife and Everything You Need To Know About Doctor Strange Star

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Scott Adkins Wiki: Workout, Training, Weight, Personal Life and Wife and Everything You Need To Know About Doctor Strange Star

The physique of celebs is as important as their talent. That is one of the reasons why celebs are conscious about their weight and body shape. But have you ever wondered about the training and the workouts they follow, which helps them to give an evergreen look? 

Well, if you don't, just ask the English actor Scott Adkins, who has a lot to share when it comes to his workout routines!

The Doctor Strange star Scott, who has made his name with a distinctive presentation of his characters on screen, is a martial artist and is expert in various martial arts forms.

Today, we'll help you get some fitness secrets of Scott, along with the married life he enjoys with his wife.

Scott’s Training And Workouts For His Well-toned body:

Scott Adkins is one actor who is very much well known for his well-shaped body frame. The 41 years old star is trained in no fewer than six different Martial arts forms like Karate, judo, kickboxing, jujutsu, Krav Maga, and ninjutsu.


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Being a martial artist must have helped him a lot to give him many of his gigs. Scott often lands on the roles of beating and getting beaten up with the bruises on the body.

Well, the flipping over and fighting talent of English actor gave his first debut on the big screen which he shared with his idol, Jackie Chan on “The Accidental Spy.”

From then and there, he landed on several other roles and along with his commendable portrayal of the characters onscreen, he was able to connect viewers with his well-toned body.

As per wiki sites, he weighs about 80kg with the height of 5 ft and 10 inches. Talking about the schedule of training and workouts, Scott  mentioned about his gym routine which goes like “five to seven times a week.”

Further, he also mentioned about his back problem that stops him to lift heavy weight. He shared,

“-since I have some back problems sometimes—so lots of deadlifts to really take it out with my legs. That's why I prefer not to load up too much weight on my back and that's why I do a lot of box jumps and bunches, things like that.”

Moving on, Scott Adkins has been featured in a handful of movies and has an extensive list of work credits in the movies like Undisputed II: Redemption, X-Men Origins: Wolverine, The Expendables 2, Boyka: Undisputed and much more.

Most recently, he appeared in 2016's "Doctor Strange."


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As for 2017, he has many projects signed up like Savage Dog, American Assassin, Incoming, Accident Man and The Returner and Altar Rock.

Best of Luck Scott for the upcoming gig!

The Lovelife of Scott Adkins:

Scott Adkins got married to Lisa Adkins in 2010. The pair shares pictures on the social sites, and we can see they look great together. But other than that, the pair hasn’t bothered to share much about their before and after marriage relationship.


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The husband-wife of years also shares a daughter named Carmel Adkins. Scott Adkins shared a video on his Instagram account, where he shows off his flying kick to his daughter.


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The fully-trained kickboxing instructor prefers to remain tight-lipped when it comes to his personal life and has kept it under wraps, but surely enjoys an awesome married life.

Stay with us for the emerging updates n Scott Adkins!