Taylor Bennett, Chance The Rapper's Brother A Gay Man? Here's The Truth

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Taylor Bennett, Chance The Rapper's Brother A Gay Man? Here's The Truth

It takes a whole lot of hardihood to come out on your sexuality, despite the fact that the world has grown more tolerant of LGBTQ sexual orientations. People have their reasons for releasing the cat out of the bag, but perhaps, it is to do with securing a rightful place under the sun. Or maybe it is about being honest about who you are.

Taylor Bennett, an American hip hop recording artist is one such person who came out of the closet just last year. But what drove Taylor Bennett to come out on his sexual identity and what exactly is his sexual orientation? 

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Shedding Lights on Taylor Bennett's Sexuality

Prior to his 21st birthday on 19 January 2017, Taylor Bennett tweeted to his fans, letting them know that he recognizes himself as a bisexual man. With a series of tweets, Taylor clearly put it out there that his intention of coming out was inspired by the idea to help others who struggle with the same issue.

He also expressed that he has always been, and will continue to be supportive of the gay community. 

Photo: Taylor Bennett's Twitter

That's the way to lead by an example., right?

More About Taylor Bennett

Taylor Bennett, who has his own share of fame as a recording artist, is the younger brother of the three Grammy-winning rap star, Chance the Rapper.

Born on 19 January 1996 to Ken Williams-Bennett, who worked for the Mayor of Chicago, and Lisa Bennett, who worked for the attorney general, in a Chicago neighborhood, he studied in Urban Prep High School. 

Taylor Bennett is a rap star in his own rights and is out of his famous brother's shadows with whom he worked together on "Broad Shoulders" and "Gimme A Call." Chance always preferred that his younger brother found his own sun before collaborating with him.

Moreover, Taylor has found success is amply clear from the fact that he has tour dates lined up in several places from 26 Feb right through to April with ticket prices ranging from US$35 to US$222 per person per show. 

Like his older brother, Taylor is also into philanthropy supporting Kids Off The Block, a nonprofit organization working to end violent crimes in his native Chicago, with the entire proceeds of his sold-out show. He also supports the cause, the SaveChicago campaign with his brother. 

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