Thomas Girardi's Secret To Successful Married Life with Wife Revealed Even Though He Hides Wedding Details!

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Thomas Girardi's Secret To Successful Married Life with Wife Revealed Even Though He Hides Wedding Details!

Love certainly has no age restrictions. The love life, indeed the conjugal life, of an attorney from the state of California, Thomas Girardi explains this adage utterly.

Thomas Girardi, who shares a married life with his dancer, singer and reality star wife Erika Jayne, is passing a blissful family life these days. Well, the marriage relationship of Thomas and thirty-two years younger Erika is not just of few years, but it has been very long as the two will be shortly seen celebrating their two decades of togetherness.

The two, in one hand, sets an example for the people who are in a relationship as they share their longing relationship's secret on the contrary. If you desire to know the tips and follow them as well, this few minutes reading is going to help you a lot in maintaining a good connection.

The Love Life Of Thomas Girardi And Its Longlasting Secret:

The love of Thomas Girardi, 78, and his wife Erika Jayne, 46, is not an ordinary one, but it's rather a special relationship of nearly two decades.

The couple got married in January 1999 in downtown Los Angeles and celebrated their 18th marriage anniversary this year. Besides the several years of togetherness, they have managed to remain concealed about their wedding details.

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The then dance-pop diva Erika impressed founding partner of the Girardi & Keese law firm, Thomas at the first meeting, which later grew up as a stronger bonding between the two.

The match indeed may seem a mismatch, but Erike always has a better side of being in a relationship with a man older than him.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hill's Erika revealed that they didn't have any prenuptial agreement and has been together for eighteen years last year on Jenny McCarthy's Dirty, Sexy, Funny SiriusXM show.

On the same show of Jenny McCarthy, she told:

'He's got the best smile and the biggest blue eyes!'

She also added:

'He's cuddly. You want to hug him. You want to hold onto him.' 

The couple lives in Thomas' 1920-era mansion in Pasadena ever since their marriage and doesn't share any children together, as Erika never had any desire to have one.

Moreover, she already has a son from her previous relationship and seems to have an amazing relationship with her son. She said to Jenny:

"I had a child. I had a son. That was my loyalty. Period, end of story. No, no, no, I had a boy to raise, period. And I did an incredible job. He's an incredible kid." 

Furthermore, her words were:

"He is proud of Mom, and I'm proud of him. I don't think he'd tell you he's proud of me, though. He's a police officer. He's 24. He just turned 24 years old." 

While Erika didn't share much about the officer son, she had shared rather exciting earlier this year about the facts about her long-lasting relationship with The Daily Dish. She told:

"You have to be friends. You have to be friends and you have to have a common ground."

She had some more ways of keeping a family blissful.

"You have to like the same things. You have to see the world the same way. You have to have the same interests. And when you are genuinely rooting for the other guy — you know Tom is very supportive of me and I am very supportive of him — and I think that's what makes it work."

Well, these things look simple but are indispensable for everyone to maintain a perfect relationship.

Thomas Girardi is indeed a lucky man to get a loving wife like Erika, who knows the real formula to keep the relationship last long.

Thomas, who was the first attorney to win more than a $1 million award for a malpractice case in the state of California, has a net worth of $30 million.

Caption: Thomas Girardi talking about his law firm (Published on Feb 11, 2015).

The attorney seems to be entirely dedicated to his work and continue his service to humanity for more years as he is still active and undoubtedly, supported by his family.

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