Unmarried Gay Actor Daniel Brocklebank, on Homosexuality: Thought It Was Just a Phase

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Unmarried Gay Actor Daniel Brocklebank, on Homosexuality: Thought It Was Just a Phase

Homosexuality has always been one of the most misinterpreted issues in the society. Probably due to this reason many people were hesitant to discuss their sexual identity, especially in earlier days. But now our society has changed, and people also have become more tolerable.

Today, we will be taking about a proud gay actor who used to feel disgusted about his identity as a gay in his teenage days.


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Gay actor, Daniel Brocklebank: "It Was Just a Phase."

Daniel Brocklebank, an American actor, first realized about his sexual orientation at the age of twelve and wondered if he was the only boy to feel that way. He passed those early teenage days in confusion.

In an interview with Gay Times this year, he explained the identity crisis he felt due to lack of knowledge and information in those early days. He said:-

‘Back then there was no internet, very few gay people on TV or in the media, and we weren’t taught about homosexuality in school due to Section 28 – so for a while I thought I might be the only person out there who felt like that. I hated myself for it and hoped it was a phase.’

However, Daniel managed to reveal about his sexuality to his family when he was fifteen years old. He had then told all other family members that he was a gay.

Daniel confessed in the interview that he felt immense relief after ripping off a burden about own identity to the family. He also expressed about how he loved his life and himself. He said,

‘It was terrifying and exhilarating all at once. To feel free to say the words “I’m gay” out loud was one of the hardest yet most natural things in the world. Now I wouldn’t change it for the world. I love who I am.’

Could he have any Girlfriend?

Nonetheless, Daniel enjoys a killer look, which attracts millions of girls towards him. But to their dismay, he is not open for a relationship. The girls who may be dying to become his wife can get married to him only in their imagination. Besides, Daniel has a huge fan following who loves him and his performance. Here are some of the tweets from his fans.

Born on 21 December 1979, Daniel Brocklebank is well-known English actor. He won Star Actors Guild Award for his performance in Shakespeare in Love, a multi-award winning movie. Daniel also received an award in LesGaiC International Film Festival as the Best Actor Award for his role in Release. He has worked on numerous TV shows including "Down To Earth", "Born and Bred", "Ed Stone is stone" and "Casually." He has also starred in the movies like "The Hole", "The hours", "Another life" and others.  He was also seen in Midsomer Murders, a British television detective drama, episode 17.3 "The Ballad of Midsomer County" as Brian Grey last year.