Professional Wrestler Corey Graves's Happy Married Life With His Wife And Children After Retirement!

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Professional Wrestler Corey Graves's Happy Married Life With His Wife And Children After Retirement!

Matthew Polinsky. We bet you don’t recognize this person but how about Corey Graves? You do remember the hunky professional wrestler, don’t you? Well as you already know we will be talking about this retired pro wrestler and have a glimpse inside his married life who seems to enjoy his life with children and wife after retirement.

As much as we would like to discuss his personal life, Corey has his secrets just as other celebrities. Corey is married to Amy Polinsky who as we came to know is a fitness enthusiast but neither of them had revealed when they got married.

His wife Amy according to her Instagram info bar is the vice president of Stay Down Inc. The company solely focuses on online fitness classes, personal training, promotional modeling and fitness apparel.


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Caption: Corey Graves with wife Amy Polinsky.

The couple shares three children together; a son and two daughters.


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Caption: Corey Gravis with wife Amy Polinsky and their three children.

Apart from his two daughters, his son resembles him more accurately; from facial structures to expressions which Corey himself talks about in his Instagram post.


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Corey Graves who was once a pro wrestler loves his family unconditionally and feels responsible for placing food on the dinner table every night. This feeling of responsibility towards his wife and children has majorly helped him in being the person he is right now.

After he retired with an injury in 2014, he was forced to stop wrestling by the WWE officials. He talked about everything in his wrestling podcast interview with Sam Roberts.

Caption: Corey Graves shoots on Retiring and Learning to Commentate

Corey who was inspired to wrestle since childhood was on his way to being a pro by the time he was 18 years old. After his dismissal from wrestling the thought of being unemployed hit him.

He said to CBS Pittsburgh in April,

“I had to provide for my family and had to survive. At no point did I accept the idea of failure. So, whatever it was gonna be, whether it was commentary or working in the production capacity because, trust me, during that time after I got hurt I explored every avenue in WWE that they would let me.”

After working on whatever he could get his hands on, Corey finally landed on his career as an on-air commentator with a WWE contract. Following that, in 2015, he eventually made his way to WrestleMania.

Corey Graves currently works as a color commentator for NXT. There have been no rumors about him dating or having an affair with another woman, and by looking at his and his wife's Instagram account, chances of him having a secret girlfriend is less than Zero.