Here Is How You Can Cure a Hangover Fast And In The Best Way!

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Here Is How You Can Cure a Hangover Fast And In The Best Way!

We drink on various occasions, and at times, a mere excuse to drink is enough. Also, we get overboard with the drinks and tend to drink more than we handle. But after the fun, there comes the nasty hangover which does not leave quickly. For the party lovers who don't like the afterparty gift of alcohol, we bring you the best cures for the alcoholic beverages that you will ever find!

1) Water:

Caption: A glass of water solves many problems.

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The hard drinks contain alcohol, and the alcohol dehydrates the body and leaves with the parched throat. Thus drinking ample amount of water is important to hydrate the body and it lessens the typical problems like headaches, nausea, and fatigue.

 Also, the water helps to flush out the toxic substance from the body. It is wise to drink plenty of water in between drinks to cure the hangover later.

2) Ginger Lemon Tea:

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The anti-inflammatory properties present in the ginger work wonders giving relief from nausea. And while making a ginger lemon tea, use fresh ginger and lemon slices to get the best results.

3) Green Juice:

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A vegetable cocktail, especially with celery, is the best way to cure a hangover. The electrolyte and sodium present in the green drink help to cure nausea, vomiting, headaches, and dehydration.

4) Coconut Water:

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Coconut water is packed with potassium along with electrolyte which helps to rehydrate the dehydrated body. And the other options which could be used instead of coconut water is sports drinks.

5) Asparagus:

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It is wise to eat asparagus after a few drinks as it protects your body from the alcoholic drinks. Amino acid present in the asparagus is found to improve the speed of alcohol breaking down in the human body.

While preventing damage caused by alcohol to the liver, it also prevents the damage from the toxin present in alcoholic drinks like hydrogen peroxide.

6) Avocado:

Caption: Yummy asparagus which provides relief from the nasty hangover.

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Potassium is essential to maintain cellular fluid homeostasis, and drinking decreases the level of potassium. The reduction in potassium is the cause of muscle spasms, weakness, and dizziness.

The avocado counter attacks all these problems so incorporate avocado in your meal to avoid a nasty hangover.

7) Breakfast:

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The most important meal of the day is breakfast, so do not skip a breakfast after a hangover. And incorporate the superfood egg in the breakfast. The egg contains essential nutrients including B12, calcium, vitamin D.

8) Sleep:

Caption: A sound sleep helps to cure the hangover.

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We all know that sleep deprivation does not cause the hangover, but the lack of sleep makes the situation worse. And sleeping heals and relaxes the body, so think of taking a nap as our body has its own way of healing.

Once in a while, we all like to chill and hang out with friends over drinks. But there are times when we get overboard and consume more than we handle, so drink responsibly. Our body is the sole representation of our eating and drinking habits, and it never too late to opt for a healthy lifestyle.