Looking For Some Problem Solving Skills & Strategies? A Structured Method To Help You Solve Problem Effectively!

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Looking For Some Problem Solving Skills & Strategies? A Structured Method To Help You Solve Problem Effectively!

Not one of us is unfamiliar with the term 'Problem.' In life, we encounter endless problems, and it gives us a tough time, but it can also be taken as an opportunity to learn valuable lessons. It helps us grow into a better person, whether it's a small issue or a big one.

In the unpredictable life, there are many types of problems, however, learning how to solve them can be very beneficial for each one of us.

So, what are the problem-solving methods, skills, strategies? And how to solve them efficiently? Keep going, as we give you the answer to that!

A Key To Problem-Solving Is The Method: 

A problem-solving method is steps that help us reach a solution to our problems. Although there isn't a magic trick that solves every problem in our life, there is a set of useful methods that give us the idea for an effective solution.

Despite numerous problem-solving techniques out there, this model has been proved to be the most effective by scholars. 

1. Problem Identification 

The first action that you must initiate is recognizing the nature of the problem. Identifying the problem is half the problem solved. After you gather the enough information of your problem, you move on to the next step. 

2. Structuring the problem

Now that you know what problem you are facing, you can structure out the problem. This step is all about deeply observing your problem, scrutinizing it.

Find out as many facts as you can out of it and create a clear picture of your problem. This step might not be fit for simpler problems but is important for a complex one.  

3. Evaluating the possible solutions 

Before you jump to any conclusion, you have to prepare a range of options for your solution. You just have to gather ideas in the first place and weigh every solution with its pros and cons.

4. Making a Decision

After your table is full of possible options, you have to select and finalize the most appropriate one.

This step can be very complicated, but it is essential that you take your time and be satisfied with the decision you made, which leads you to the next step. 

5. Implementation

Once you have selected the most appropriate one, it is time to take action. You have to start implementing the decision you made to solve your problem. This step might not be easy and additional problems can arise, but if you have followed the previous steps accordingly, there won't be any new issue. 

Seeking feedback is necessary after you have implemented your solution. This final step involves checking if your process was successful.

It's good to keep records of your actions, and it also helps you in the future challenges. Another indispensable part of problem-solving is the skills and strategies. 

Problem Solving Skills:

Problem-solving skills refers to the qualities which aid in effective problem-solving. Whenever we face a problem, we immediately want to fix it but sometimes, it can be tricky so, that's when the strategies come in handy.

Few examples of problem-solving skills are active listening, brainstorming solutions, gathering data and others.

But you can always develop such skills by few training activities if you feel you lack it. Here are few ideas you can do to enhance your problem-solving skills:

 1. Mind games: Sudoku, Chess, Bridge and more.


Caption: Sudoku is an excellent game if you want to increase your intellectual skills. 

Photo Source: DailyMail

 2. Computer Games: Games that require a lot of Analyzing.


Caption: Playing strategic video/computer games help you make decisions faster and makes you seek a solution to problem efficiently. 

Photo Source: Techinfo4u

3. Practical Interests: Car Repair, DIYs and more. 

Caption: Making DIYs enhances the creative side in You!

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To improve your problem-solving skills, you must once get yourself through a test, only then you will know where are you in the progress bar. The only way to test is to put yourself in simple problems first.

Think and discuss various possible problems and then start analyzing the solutions. With the given problem-solving method above, apply it to get a solution. With continuous practice, you will eventually master this technique of problem-solving. 

Moreover, problems in our personal life have a bigger impact than other problems. We dwell on our personal problems, and unless it gets solved, we are less likely to perform well in other areas of our life.

So, some common personal problems can be either family disputes, friendship problems or issues relating to relationships and love, financial and others.

However, we should seek for help regarding the ways to solve them, and while solving those problems, these advices could be a big help:

1. Think twice before you make any serious decisions that might worsen the problem even further. 

2. Sometimes look at the situation from the other's point of view. That might bring a big difference in your perspective. 

3. If you want something to go your way, then stand up and speak up your demands. Even if it doesn't, it will be worth a try.

3. Value smaller things in life that give you happiness.

4. Misunderstanding is a major problem in itself. Explain what you want them to understand and listen to what they have to say.

5. It's best to end a relationship if it gives you negativity.  

6. Be positive and patient. 

7. The last but not the least is to sit down and talk to someone you trust; you will feel lighter and better.

Despite the problem-solving methods above, no any sources can guarantee that your problems will solve on its own. In a given solution, while choosing the best alternative, it might not solve your problem. So, the important thing to remember is, if you seek, you will get it. Never dwell on frustrations. You are the only person who can bring a change in your life and make your life the way you want.  Feel free to ask questions on how to deal with your issues and learn to eliminate the negativity in your life to be happy. After all, we all wish for the happiness!