United States vs United Kingdom - Life Style Flexibility

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United States vs United Kingdom - Life Style Flexibility

While the United States gets geographically located in the continent of Northern America, United Kingdom lies in the European territory. Both the countries have their own form of English language and pronunciation. Not only the language and the continent; these countries have a vast disparity and better living standard and lifestyle in their own way.

For now, let’s look at the lifestyle difference seen in the United States and the United Kingdom.

1) Culture Of The Country:

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The United Kingdom prior known as Britain still follow their historical tradition of courtesy. The country practices the tradition of British literature, cinema, art, theater, and education. The country has made the GCA compulsory for every individual who is willing to work.

While in the case of the United States, people follow the ongoing trend of their family culture. The country provides employment to every people without any qualifications and by the age group.

2) Food And Cuisine:

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In America, the food pattern once got influenced by the European style but after various fast food got launched in the American market; it completely changed the food perspective. The college students mainly indulge in foods like Hamburgers, Hot Dogs, Macaroni, and Cheese. British people especially emphasize on tea while Americans opt for coffee.

While in the UK, the country follows breakfast, lunch, tea and dinner trend where the family is mandatory to get dressed and eat together. The food comprises of famous fish and chips, wine, bacon and high mighty tea served with freshly made crossiant.

3) Dressing Style:

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The British dressing style comprises of a vintage tradition. They dress in a very royal manner as their fashion icon is more or less gets influenced by the Royal kings and queens. Floral dress teamed with proper accompanied by the accessories like pearl and hat are the essential part of the dressing style in the UK.

While in the case of Americans people they consider Hollywood celebrities to be their fashion icon. Similarly, they also go for piercing and tattoos making all over their body. Green day and Rihana style are some famous fashion celebs who gets copied while dressing.

4) The Sense Of Humor:

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When going through the meaning of fun between these two places a vast disparity got obtained. While the American takes everything on the bottom line and with ease, British people get contented with keeping stuff to themselves. While American can easily greet cheerfully “Have a nice day” British people considers to be vain and deceit until they don’t mean it.

American are open minded not confine by any rules or regulations while British people when giving a sense of humor give a sharp and sarcastic humor which may easily poke the individuality of a person.

5) Recreational Choices:

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The British people are more inclined towards cricket, football, and baseball while the Americans head for Rugby, baseball and ice hockey as their most preferred sports.

The English people are the crazy about football clubs like the Manchester United and Chelsea while Americans go crazy for Rugby teams like the Denver Barbarians and Ohio Aviators followed by Basketball teams like the Cleveland Cavaliers and Golden State Warriors. The Americans mostly spend their weekend clubbing and drinking while British people spend their weekends with their family get together.

Despite having the same language pattern both the countries have a completely different lifestyle which is somewhat interrelated while some are completely apart from each other. The British people are close to their family members and are entirely focused towards their career while the Americans socialize with their family few times a month or year. Thus, the traditions and cultural followed in both the country’s are wide apart.