You Deserve the Truth! Was Actor Jonathan Gilbert Shadowed By His Own Sister?

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You Deserve the Truth! Was Actor Jonathan Gilbert Shadowed By His Own Sister?

Jonathan started acting at a young age. Having a rough childhood during and after he was born, Jonathan made it towards acting with the help of his family. The child actor has done good impressions throughout the hearts of America with his first debut. Jonathan has now come a long way from acting like a child and acting all in itself. Leaping into his life though his biography isn’t at all like any open book.

Mellisa's fault? 

Jonathan Gilbert, who is now 49, has a sister named Melissa Gilbert, 52, far more successful and continued on the acting career when Jonathan left the acting business. His sister went on to work mainly in television and became famous working on numerous amounts of television shows such as the voice of Batgirl in Batman: The Animated series and also starred in Dancing with the Stars with her dancing partner Maksim Chmerkovskiy in 2012 and her latest in 2015 in the T.V series “The Night Shift” starring as Lindsay.

Caption: Melissa Gilbert and Maksim Chmerkovskiy both rocking a dance move for the camera (April 2012).

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The two siblings have both not gotten along over the years and no records of them making peace. Jonathan has not, in fact, tried to pursue the lime lights instead took another path.   

Gilbert's Past and Present:

During the time of acting in 1974 to 1984 Jonathan Gilbert, the former child actor is known first in his performance the character Willie Oleson in the NBC T.V series “Little House on the Prairie.” Growing up was not easy played the role for some time, from 1974 to 1983.With no contact with the celebrity life and media, his personal life is only but a haze, no children nor if he is married, or any rumors of wife/girlfriend even reported.

Caption: Before (1975) and after (2016) picture of Gilbert

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Even though the former child actor has never made it to the Grammys but he has a cinematic story in the past. Being adopted, the actor had his father, Paul Gilbert, commit suicide in 1976. Jonathan’s father had fallen on his back when he was working as an aerialist but continued performing music, comedy, and dancing. Soon after the pain he held was too much for him to bear, the constant pain finally made him take his life. 

Caption: Paul Gilbert father of Jonathan Paul died in 1976.

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Having being adopted and also losing another father in the process can affect any young child to discontinue or choose not to act anymore, but the young Jonathan Gilbert held steady on his fronts. His past did not stop him, however, from continuing studying, graduating from Hamilton College and getting his MBA degree. Currently, his whereabouts now are working in finance in New York City leaving behind the acting business for good.