Baby Alert! Famous Sports Reporter Sam Squiers Reveals She's Pregnant with her Husband Ben

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Baby Alert! Famous Sports Reporter Sam Squiers Reveals She's Pregnant with her Husband Ben

Another good news hit the media this year after the sports reporter Sam Squires made an announcement of extending her family number with husband, Ben Squires. Recently, the gorgeous reporter revealed that she is pregnant with a baby with her husband Ben and that the couple is over the moon with the thought of having a baby. 

With Courie Mail, Sam explicitly shared her happiness of being pregnant with baby Squires who is due for August of 2017. Sam who possessed a wish for having her little lady empowered.

She said with Courie Mail,

“I’ve always wanted to raise a strong little girl. I cried when we found out. We’re thrilled.”

While sharing the thrilling experience of being pregnant, Sam also revealed that she's expecting a daughter. As happy as Sam is at the current moment, both husband and wife have gone through some hard times. Sam also acknowledged the fact that the couple suffered a miscarriage prior being pregnant with a baby girl.

“I miscarried at five weeks, so we were just starting to get excited, and then we lost it.”

She continued,

“It was a shock, but I’ve got to say there are a lot of people out there who have struggled more than we did so we are really lucky in that sense. It made us realize how fragile it (pregnancy) is and how special and lucky you are to experience it.”

Still optimistic towards the unfortunate struggle of going through a failed pregnancy, Sam recently celebrated the fifth anniversary with her husband of five years. On January 21, Sam wished her husband a happy fifth anniversary via Instagram.


Happy 5th year wedding anniversary @ben_squiz - carrying me this whole time & always helping me soar!???? xx

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Prior getting married, Sam and husband Ben dated for about four years which ultimately makes their relationship nine years old.

We wish all the best to the pregnant family and look forward to welcoming the baby girl soon!