Mark Levin Spills the Beans: Shocks Everyone When He Says My Fiancée's son

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Mark Levin Spills the Beans: Shocks Everyone When He Says My Fiancée's son

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Being one of the sought after commentators in the country and someone who has worked in the administration of the famous president Ronald Regan, it's not a big surprise that "The Great One" turns into a hot topic on tabloids from time to time for his life experiences and words.

Caption: Mark Levin's "A Castro-like speech last night".


Mark Levin shocks everyone when he says my Fiancée’s Son

To put the notion into context, Mark, who is also the president of the individuals right focused legal advocacy group, Landmark Legal Foundation, furiously bashed an unidentified source while on air amid an episode of his show in January 2016.

"Some Campaign Is Trying to ‘Intimidate Me’ Using My Fiancée’s Son — If I Find Out Who, I’ll Expose Them"

Interestingly, he claimed during the show that "someone"  has been using his son's name to pinpoint his association with the Republican Presidential Candidate Ted Cruz's presidential campaign. He further went on to threaten the unidentified party insisting that he will expose them when he finds out about them for sure. Ironically, his bashing wasn't a surprise event for his fans given his direct approach and straight forward personality. 

Be that as it may, he shocked his fans when he connected that somebody is attempting to edge him on account of his fiancée's son proficient obligation to the Ted Cruz's Senate office. 

Married to Kendall Levin:

Up until the disclosure, everybody trusted that the 58-year-old was married to his long-term wife Kendall Levin, with whom he has two grown-up children (son Lauren Levin and daughter Chase Levin). Now that he has spilled the beans regarding his fiancée and son, it's likely that Mark and Kendall's married life ended in a friendly divorce. 

Anyway, Kendall remains a mysterious figure among Mark Levin's fans. There are far less trivia on her on the web. In any case, numerous fans have surrendered looking for the photos of Kendall on the web. Indeed, it's true that there are limited pictures of Mark and Kendall on the web.

Fortunately for the Mark Levin's fans, we have traced a Mark-Kendal picture on You can see the Mark and Kendal's picture taken alongside other top Republicans amid a luxurious Republican soiree, which occurred on the night of President Barrack Obama's State of the Union address in 2014, using the Google's Image Search.

Caption: Lavish soiree: The bearded star of 'Duck Dynasty' Willie Robertson (pictured center next to wife Korie) went out of dinner with top GOP leaders (L to R) Sen Ted Cruz, Newt Gingrich and wife Callista, Fox News host Sean Hannity and radio host Mark Levin with his wife


Judging from the picture, Kendall looks way short in comparison to her 6 feet and  0½ inches tall ex-husband Mark. Nevertheless, she seems like someone in her late 30's or 40's. Furthermore, she enjoys an elegant shoulder length down do (hair color: brown).

(Note:  Janean Guy comments the daily mail picture showcasing Mark and Kendal is not accurate. According to Jenean, the person alongside Mark in the picture is Michelle Buchmann, not Kendal. We have referenced the image plus caption from, which can be regarded as a trusted source. Nevertheless, excluding the Mark Levin's wife part of  the picture, we can 100 percent verify the information presented here.) 

Tabloids are now attacking Mark stating he lacks credibility. Previously, he has bashed many famous media personalities, like Pulitzer-winning Columnist George Will and his wife, for their collaborations with politicians, and in Geroge's case, for his association with 2016 presidential candidate Paul Walker. 

On the other hand, Trump fans are now bashing Mark alleging his friendlier coverage of Cruz presidential bid as compared to Trump's.

Hillary Clinton is a Nasty woman- Mark Levin:

Mark Levin criticized Hillary Clinton as a “Nasty woman” on 21 October 2016, Friday for promulgating nuclear weapons launch times during final debate with Donald Trump on 19 October 2016, Wednesday in Las Vegas.

On his Friday program, he said-

“The former Secretary of State, who lies like a dog — a nasty woman — who used her position to violate the Espionage Act, to obstruct justice, to undermine Congress, to undermine the FBI and the Justice department, who clearly gave secrets to the enemy … she just revealed how long it takes from the time the president orders the launching of a nuclear missile to the time its launched. And I can assure you our enemies in Russia, our enemies in China are all meeting trying to formulate potential responses to this.”

“She has demonstrated in her public capacity, in her official capacity that she’s irresponsible, that she’s dangerous, and that she’s nasty!”

Conservative Radio Talk show host Mark Levin is a household name in the United States of America.He was born on September 21, 1957.

In the year 1974, he graduated from the Cheltenham High School. He then graduated with a B.A. in Political Science from Temple University Ambler in 1997. And from Temple University Beasley School of Law, he received a J.D. 

His tempestuous legal, political, and social issues focused nationally broadcasted talk show "The Mark Levin Show" is one of the most listened talk show in the country. Mark Levin himself is a celebrated figure among Republicans, who enjoys 598 k plus followers in Twitter. No wonder, he is one of the influential Republicans in the country.

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