Noah Centineo And His Dating Affair; Appreciated By Girlfriend?

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Noah Centineo And His Dating Affair; Appreciated By Girlfriend?

As far as everybody is concerned, Noah Centineo is just an average guy who plays the role of Jesus Foster. However, there is more to it. It seems like Noah Centineo has found his way to love these days. Without any further ado, let’s know Noah’s life in a little deeper manner.

Gay speculation smashed by dating affair!

The entertainment industry has always been a curious field to work in because everybody is keen for personal information once you become famous. In the case of Noah Centineo, as an absolute teen heartthrob, he has questions about his sexuality. 

Often rumors or speculations are created because of jealousy and hate and can go public too. Rumors about Noah being a gay has yet to go public, but we have found a way to crash it.

Noah Centineo is currently dating his actress girlfriend, Angeline Appel who has appeared in Step-up Revolution. The couple had not disclosed when they started dating, but one thing is sure; the couple is happy as his girlfriend Angelina seems to feel more than lucky to have him.

Angelina recently posted a short video where she was inside the pool with her beau Noah and had a long caption that clearly explained the meaning of words ‘I do’  which according to Angelina, did not only mean exchanging vows. She finally finished the caption with a simple ‘I do, I love you.’


When you love something or someone as much as I adore him, you learn the meaning of, "I do." Not in the sense of exchanging vows or empty promises, but if it to brings me back to you each morning and night, I do. If it means being able to look at you in any light, I do. If it means handing over pieces of me that have cut and mangled others, but you are still holding me, I do. If it means knowing your pain and heartache are safe to be shared within my own, I do. If it means staying with you in the moments we are us, I do. When you love a heart as precious as his, you learn each skip and flutter is a way of synching with your own. When you love a soul as memorable as his, you take the good and the bad, because all of your life you have never experienced anything other than pain. When you love a constructed sunset like him, you see the world differently and value the way it makes you cry by being so goddamn beautiful. When you tell him things and he doesn't run, walk with him and never let him go. I do, I love you. @ncentineo ????

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A little while ago, his girlfriend posted a video of the couple together in a car and captioned the picture that she spent the entire 2016 with Noah and two other special people whose name she did not mention. This picture gives us an idea that Noah and Angelica have been dating Noah for more than a year now.


I spent my New Years with him and two other special people in my life. Endlessly Babe ???? @ncentineo

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Noah Center's professional background:

Noah Centineo who is currently 20 years old was born on May 9, 1996. Noah appeared in TV-series like Austin & Ally, #TheAssignment, and many others; however, he gained popularity from The Fosters. 

The still rising star has not mentioned his net worth, but we hope he will divulge it soon, but given the fact that Noah is just 20 years old right now, he has a long way to becoming a superstar with a big fat net worth in his name.