Rumored as Gay, Matt Gutman is Married? Who is His Wife? or Girlfriend, Dating?

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Rumored as Gay, Matt Gutman is Married? Who is His Wife? or Girlfriend, Dating?

Gay rumors have found a victim in another television personality, Matt Gutman just like David Muir and Chris Jacobs.

Matt works, an ABC News correspondent base in Miami, is widely known for his on-screen personality and his charming looks, but the question lingers: "Is Matt Gutman really gay or it's just a rumor?"

Happy Married Life With Wife And Kids:

While we can't label him a gay at this moment without any substantial evidence, let’s discuss and see if anything comes up.

The personal life of this handsome figure surely deserves to be addressed first. For all the girls out there who dreamt of being his girlfriend, this apparently comes as sad news. Those of you who follow Matt, @mattgutmanABC, on his social networking accounts might be familiar with the fact that he is a married man, in fact, a happily married man. However, it appears as if he is trying to conceal his wife's identity (her name) from his followers.

His wife has been tagged in most of his Instagram posts from where it can be seen that this Emmy Award winner and his wife are blessed with a son and a daughter. As we discussed, Matt seems to be trying to conceal his wife's name. His wife has an Instagram account under the name Daphida and has the name 'Daphna' on the info bar. Matt also revealed his wife's birthday in a picture which was posted on July 31st, 2016.

Matt Gutman with wife and children.

Matt is currently living his days prosperously with his perfect little family. He enjoys the company of his gorgeous, loving wife and two playful, yet cute, little kids in his Miami home. 

Matt Gutman's Children:


The only cure to the post #Halloween kid carb hangover - blueberry pancakes and bacon.

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The cutest Halloween costumes for Matt and his family:



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Like father like son:


Steppin' out with my lady @daphida

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Is Matt a gay?

So, let’s focus on the rumors. As we all know that Matt has been monotonously rumored as a gay. Reasons and facts to support this statement aren’t available, however, extensive research on this topic leads to the conclusion that such rumors are nothing but a hoax.

At least, it should be assumed so, unless otherwise shows up. No single proof (or sighting) of Matt being romantically linked to a person of the same sex has been found yet.

We speculate that all these gay rumors are caused by someone who likes to deduce people based on their looks. If not so, a gay fan may be pulling the strings on his computer. However, we still crave for your opinion. Let us know in the comment section below if you would like to make any corrections.

Why isn’t there any concrete evidence available to conclude the matter once and for all?  We have been wondering. And, we know you too have been.

So, why would a man who has a wife and kids, and is happy with them be a gay? Please, take a moment to think. If he was a single man or was divorced, then it could have been suspicious, but there is nothing like that in Matt Gutman’s life. 

Caption: Sea Rescue™ - Season Five Promo: Join Matt Gutman as he takes on the fifth season of Sea Rescue!, 2015

Source: SeaWorld Kids

Matt Gutman, born on December 5, 1977, is currently serving as a reporter for ABC News. He also contributes to various programs on ABC News. He is the current host of Sea Rescue. He began hosting of this show after Sam Champion's exit. ABC executive regard high of Matt because of his 2010 reporting on Golf of Mexico's oil spill. 

His recent notable reporting includes "Mexican migrant's dangerous journey" and his interview with teen doctors accused of fraud. 

Recently, he won an Emmy Award for Sea Rescue.