Supermodel Shanina Shaik Planning An Intimate Wedding After Getting Engaged To Her Boyfriend This January!

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Supermodel Shanina Shaik Planning An Intimate Wedding After Getting Engaged To Her Boyfriend This January!

DJ and the Victoria Secret Model Shanina Shaik and her husband are in a state of bliss ever since they tied the knot in a beach wedding ceremony held in the Bahamas. The Australian native made some confirmation on the wedding and some updates on their plans before eventually getting married in April of 2018.

Though complications arose as both DJ Ruckus and Shanina had their difficulties with compilations of having busy schedules. Great music and beautiful looks can only get you so far. The marriage was on for the two lovers. It’s not over till the Victoria model sang.

Here's a quick detour off the pair's journey from the day of they had gotten engaged to their romantic wedding!

Wedding Plans: Planning & "Dieting" For The Big Day

 DJ Ruckus, real name Gregory Andrews is a successful 33-year-old full-time disk jockey who married the beautiful and envied by most, Shanina Shaik the 25-year-old the full time as well, Victoria Secret Model.

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The couple had made plans on making their marriage a local one but first having difficulty deciding when the venue would be Husband’s ethnicity being American and that it would be difficult for everyone to travel to Australia.

"I think the States - my fiancé is American so to try and get everyone to Australia is going to be a bit hard."

The date for the actual wedding was still not yet confirmed then in the matter of speaking, both with their comments commented that they were “close” to a date while parents, to be more accurate her mother, Kim, knew a little more:

 "I know the year but I don't know the date."

Speaking of the wedding; rough ideas spread out of how it goes with Shanina's stating:-

 “Simple and sleek and a bit bohemian.”

With their busy work ahead of them the two were preparing ahead and excited for the impending day DJ Ruckus explains:-

'She is really excited, she is just trying to work out even our engagement party - with our schedules, it's really hard to get us in the one place at the one time - it's really difficult,'

With the ring being the unique part of marriage day aside from the dress she had planned to wear, DJ Ruckus had put no number on the expense of the ring.

The ring that the DJ was preparing in January of this year (Picture Credit:

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In all bit of confusion, the wedding was still in progress but have not told anybody not even close relatives as they, themselves are unsure and had not fully confirmed their date of marriage.

The location wise was reliable, being it in America, a rough guess of the wedding would or could go, but the one thing they are sure of is they are marrying each other.

Married At Last: Shanina & Her Boyfriend's Bahamas Wedding Ceremony

In April of 2018 - less than two and half years after getting engaged - Shanina and DJ Ruckus got married in a beach wedding ceremony held in the Bahamas.

Newly-weds Shanina and her husband on the day of their wedding (Photo:-

The wedding, as expected, was lavish and in America. On the day of her wedding, the 27-year-old wore a custom-made Ralph and Russo wedding dress while her now-husband DJ Ruckus looked dapper in a black Tom Ford tuxedo. Speaking of her dress in Vogue interview, she revealed:-

“The whole process took around eight months to finalize. In the end, we came up with the dress that I have always dreamt off.” 

What's interesting is the fact the then-engaged duo had opted to get married at the same venue as they had initially got engaged. As for their first dance, Shanina & her, husband DJ Ruckus went with Bad Girl by singer Usher.

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The likes of DJ Kiss, Politik & Rev Run entertained the guests at the wedding as they grace the stage with hits from yesteryears.

How Shanina & Her Then-Boyfriend Got Engaged?

It was no longer a secret when the multicultural Pakistani, Saudi Arabian, Lithuanian ShaninaShaik got engaged to DJ Ruckus getting married over the holidays. Many invited, it being an open invitation to special invent including a lot of celebrities according to E! they included actors such as Denzel Washington and more.

Shanina and Ruckus first started to date back in June last year and in late December; they announced their engagement while holidaying in the Bahamas with their family and close friends.

"We’re definitely going to have a long engagement and enjoy our time and then I’m very easy going."

Unexpected and unaware of his proposal on the beach. Shanina Shaik had prepared quite an excellent preparation for the event.

Newly engaged Shanina Shaik & her then-boyfriend DJ Ruckus (Photo:- Shanina Shaik's Instagram)

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Shanina and Tyson dated intermittently when they first met on the Australian show “Make Me A Supermodel” since 2008. Shanina Shaik opened to Daily Mail Australia about her fond feelings towards Ruckus.

"We have so much fun together and we understand each other’s work."

The dress was another part where Shanina was working hard, exercising and keeping a healthy diet in her lifestyle to fit into herself in her dream wedding dress. Her great fitness regime kept her active and fit. Working out every four to five times a week. She had her way of doing this so or in her words:

“I work out consistently for my job and I always feel really energised and happy when I do,”

She was on a healthy diet by eating what is right for her blood type which based on a book "Eat Right for Your Type" by naturopathic physician Dr. Peter J. D'Adamo to keep her diet body fit and active.

“I’m a meat eater and it’s really important that I get a lot of protein and vegetables… so I get all my energy just from that, and I find it’s working.”

Shanina made her affections for Ruckus known by uploading their first picture together after moving on from her previous long-term relationship boyfriend Beckford in 2008. She has now come far, and now onwards towards being happily married life with DJ Ruckus.