Shannyn Sossamon Kept Low-Key About Pregnancy But Astonished Everyone With Peculiar Kids Name; Concealing Baby-Father?

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Shannyn Sossamon Kept Low-Key About Pregnancy But Astonished Everyone With Peculiar Kids Name; Concealing Baby-Father?

Shannyn Sossamon reveals her state and her new baby's presence to social media. She not only reveals her child but her kid's father for the first time to the public and both children undenyingly by the same father. 

She is mostly known for the movie “A knight’s Tale” that paved her career into Hollywood. The actress is also famous for her erotic scenes with other women giving off impressions and rumors of her current relationship being fake. We go deeper into the story of the disclosed actress as she stomps her lesbian rumors and shares her baby to the world. 

Another addition to the member of the family:

Just the beginning with Mortimer, the given name of the child, an unusual name; Mortimer is now five years of age now. They first announced she had given birth to Mortimer back in March 2012.

Caption: Back in 2011 when she was first pregnant with Mortimer as seen strolling with on the side of the road in the 9th of September, 2011.

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After her delivery, she had posted pictures of Mortimer on Facebook, she, however since then has removed the picture. 

Caption: Mortimer, looking at the camera, soon after Shannyn gave birth in 2015.

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Having two children altogether she has taken time off from the lime lights since starting in the last movie “Sinister 2” she has been busy taking care of the family. Besides being an actress, the thirty-eight-year-old is also a musician and a model.

Dallas Clayton, the unknown father!

The father of the children has been seen together on Instagram, for the first time, but she has not disclosed what his real name is and only goes by the name of Dallas Clayton. 

An author and an illustrator of children books, Shannyn has rarely been seen with her boyfriend let alone talks about him. Dallas though not a husband seems to be happy with their decision in being unmarried. 

She also mentioned about Dallas and their relationship together in which they had broken up when Audio was just ten months old, but since 2015, she said she is in a "committed relationship" with Dallas.


Happy birthday @theshannynsossamon !!!!

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When Shannyn Sossamon was pregnant with Audio Science Clayton she was in the middle of a project, she had drunk alcohol in her scenes but quit soon after being pregnant with Audio, and she now lives with Audio in Los Feliz area of L.A. she said,

"I wasn't ready to be a mum."

she added on

"But if you have any desire to be a better person, having a baby kicks it right into gear. Now I'm a better actress and a better mother."


These two. @dallasclayton #audioclayton #firstborn #family #toughlovetuesdaygonesoft #soweretakingitback

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Now with Mortimer, this would be her second child.


This is enough. #brothers #toughlovetuesdaygonesoft #soweretakingitback #stillwearingthatnightgown

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Speculations have arisen, because of the couple's unknown and secret relationship, with her boyfriend, it is unsure of Mortimer's birth father is. Wikipedia suggested that the father of Mortimer is Dallas Clayton, but there is no proof of this debate because even she, herself has not defended the rumors, and other sources have substantial allegations that Mortimer's biological father is not Dallas. 

Therefore, the rumors have spread that father of Mortimer is another unknown man but current events still have speculated that they still parent their children together, therefore met on a regular basis and can be another possibility.

Lesbian rumors crushed by the revealing of her boyfriend?

She played as Alex with co-star Jes Macallan in the series of “Mistresses” in 2013 with an intimate bathtub scene which Shannyn Sossamon acts in that ignited her acting career like fireworks. This explicit scenes of her were made recognized by many fans, but the sense of wonderment was not far from it a lesbian or not she made it as believable enough for the rumors to spread.

Unfortunately, There are multiple sources where she plays as a bisexual and straight character but because of her recent baby and the fact that she still defends her boyfriend with a given statement during an interview with Details magazine that she was in a “Committed relationship."

Caption: Jes Macallan & Shannon Sossamon lesbian scene in The Mistresses on July 1, 2013.

The couple has a lot of parenting to do with her kids, and she has not made a film since her last movie. With a lot of work ahead, in a motherly sense,  we wish the father and mother all the best in raising their children.