US Presidential Election 2016: The War of Issues Between The Diplomats!

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US Presidential Election 2016: The War of Issues Between The Diplomats!

Policies on how to deal with the burning issues of a nation or country play a significant role in any elections. Let us look back at plans and policies of all the candidates and their political parties to address Domestic Issues.

There are various problems and issues that the USA has to deal with annually as big and vast as it is. Every candidate has to have a resourceful and smart way of dealing with them and solving them. Here is how each candidate had resolved to take the initiative of addressing the following Issues.

Terrorism and Position on the Islamic States:

The USA faces a major problem of terrorism with historical events like 9/11 and the most recent one like Orlando shooting. Similarly, terrorism and other destructive forces like war and violence have also caused distress in Islamic states especially that of Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, and Syria Here are some views from different candidates.

Almost all the candidates have similar views when it comes to attacking terrorism. They all focus on co-operating attacking terrorism especially ISIS with better surveillance training to the military. Trump, however, seems more aggressive with his words and is the only one who feels the need to increase military funding to end ISIS once and for all. 

Caption: Hillary Clinton: Need Clear Objective To Defeat ISIS on March 2016

Liberal candidate Gary Johnson has an interesting idea where he says;

“We must face the fact that ISIS is a murderous, violent movement driven by Sharia ideology, not by the religion of Islam."

When it comes to the Islamic states as well, all the candidates feel the necessity of battling violence in states like Syria and Afghanistan.


The issue of immigrants has always been a major problem for the US with Donald Trump’s policies spiking up the topic. Third party candidates, Gary Johnson and Jill Stein are very open to the idea of immigrants and further promote the well-being and prosperity of immigrants.Here is a twitter feed of a link titled why he is the best choice for immigrants in the coming presidential election.

Donald Trump, however, is reputed for being really Stein on this matter. He is mainly focused on the agenda of how both internationally and domestically Americans are being undermined by other countries and people. He emphasizes on building a wall in the America-Mexico border that Mexico will have to pay for. He also said that he would be deporting 11 million undocumented immigrants.

Hillary Clinton, on the other hand, stands in the middle when it comes to immigrants. She does not oppose immigrants like Trump but is also willing to go as far as the law dictates to reduce the numbers.

Gun Control:

The issue of gun control also has been a major problem in the country after the growth in gun related crimes and the country’s growing issue of shootings. Here the candidates are equally divided into the law related to Gun control.

Donald Trump is himself a proud permitted owner of a gun and also thinks that the right to self-defense shouldn’t be stopped and promotes it in every sector even supporting concealed-carry permits and a discouraging increase in background checks. Gary Johnson also is equally supportive of the matter.

However, Hillary Clinton disapproves the use of guns and firearms. She has exclusively made the study that about 33,000 people get killed because of guns every year. The Green party representative Jill Stein also supports Hillary on this matter. Jill has also spoken about it many times openly of which one is shown below in a Twitter feed.

Economy and Trade:

Economic issues are other major issues a candidate has to effectively deal with. When it comes to trade Hillary Clinton, and Gary Johnson stands on the same side of promoting it, but Jill Stein disapproves the idea while Trump hasn’t shared his thoughts on the topic.

Both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton focus on increasing employment and income while Jill Stein and Gay Johnson focus on reducing tax. At the same time Clinton and Stein both have similar thoughts on increasing Minimum Wage up to 15 dollars an hour according to Stein. Trump and Johnson both oppose it, and Johnson also opposes them on the matter of taxes increase for wealthier Americans.

Energy, Climate, and Environment:

Hillary Clinton and Jill Stein had again agreed that when it came to drilling for fossil fuels overseas should be stopped, Trump and Johnson focused more towards the economy feel it is a better idea to continue it.

When it comes to factors like climate change, global warming, and its consequences, all of the candidates have their own policies to address the situation. Hilary Clinton wants to attempt to reduce the carbon emission into the environment by 80 percent while Trump is looking to renegotiate entire America’s obligations with UN global climate accord.


Abortion is an issue that has to be dealt with depending on all the factors and varying from situation to situation. Here also every politician has the same ideology towards Abortion that it should be kept legal, and should not be allowed until it is the result of rape, incest or threatening the life of a mother.

Donald Trump however unlike other candidates differs at one point of having certain restrictions on late-term abortions.


When it comes to health care as well, all the candidates have somewhat different policies to deal with the issue. Only Hillary Clinton thinks that Obama care should keep being funded and running while other candidates don’t approve the idea and feel it should be stopped.

Gary Johnson and Donald Trump both do not support the individual mandate and also don’t think that Medicaid should be further expanded but Stein and Clinton include the expansion of Medicaid and support the individual mandate in their campaigns.

LGBT Rights:

All the candidates have similar feelings when it comes to the LGBT community as well. They all have however different sets of plans and policies to address the issue but a key factor has been to allow transgender to pick the bathroom of the gender they are correspondent to.

All candidates also promote same-sex marriage, but Donald Trump has been seen disapproving of it many times in the past.

Caption: Trump On Same-Sex Marriage: 'I Can See Changes Coming Down The Line, Frankly' on February 2016

There are many other issues as well that the candidates have to solve through their presidency if they win. Some other issues include Education, Criminal Justice, Campaign Funding, Government Regulations, and Marijuana Legalization which the candidates once elected will have to see through.

For now, they vary in such a diverse way that explaining every one of them will be hard. You can learn about them in detail by visiting the interested candidate's websites.